We’ve all had those dreams of opening up our garage doors and finding James Bond’s original Aston Martin sitting there, gleaming away and waiting to be driven around the quiet country lanes at speed, or turning your garage space into a field of adolescent dreams, complete with TV’s, comfortable furniture and a fridge filled with ice-cold beverages for when the big games are on…

OK, time to snap out of it.

Daydreaming doesn’t get you very far in life. But having said that, converting your garage in style is more achievable than you might think. It might not be the Aston Martin harbouring haven you want it to be, but it could certainly become a games room or second lounge, complete with the TV, furniture and the fridge, should you require one.

In fact, more and more homes are optimising their home space by converting their garages into premium space. For expanding families, the garage could become another bedroom or a playroom for the little ones. It could also become part of a new extension for the home – maybe a new bathroom or a newer, larger kitchen? The possibilities are there, you just have to ensure that you do the homework to ensure that you are within your rights to conduct the changes.

garage door

Planning permission has slipped up many a daydreamer, so conduct your research before you break out the sledgehammer…

So many garages have become dull utility rooms for noisy washing machines, or a place to throw forgotten equipment, sit-up benches and toys that have been outgrown.

Sometimes you just can’t throw things away, and the garage becomes the best place to hide them until it becomes full and your patience runs out and overrides your sentimentality, leading to you hiring a skip and dumping it all. Many households don’t even use their garage to store their cars anymore, so why waste such great space?

Not only can converting a garage add space, it can also add value. Converting a garage into another bathroom or bedroom could set your property apart from all the other homes in your neighbourhood, which is a huge selling point if and when there comes a time that you would like to flee the nest. A garage conversions value is known to rise in tandem with the house price.

If you are looking to make a conversion that benefits the entire home, you can install glazed doors to the garage to allow for more light to circulate around your home. A light, airy home that feels a great deal bigger is another great selling point, not to mention the fact that lighter rooms are said to make you feel happier and less gloomy. Let the light into your life

Many people work from home nowadays, and if you spend a great deal of your time in your office, a garage conversion is a perfect space away from the screaming kids, the barking dogs and the distractions and temptations of procrastination like TV, food and strolling around the house looking for someone to talk to! At least with a converted garage-home office you can have your own private space to work (and check Facebook) at your own discretion.

Whatever you want to use your garage for, it is important to keep it modernised and secure. The likes of the Lift master and multi-code garage door remotes will give your newly converted garage a cool, modern look that is safe and secure from thieves, vandals and any adverse weather conditions that could ruin your dream conversion before you can really enjoy it.