Due to the stressful life, nowadays it is very common people to suffer from anxiety. This can occur when some bigger events happen like switching jobs, moving from one place to another, or having some financial problems. And when the symptoms of anxiety become too big, there can even be signs of anxiety disorders.

These disorders whether being small or bigger, can require medical help and the first step is of course to recognize the signs and symptoms. Here are just some of them.

Worrying too much

People who may have an anxiety disorder are most often worried about everything. They respond to any normal, everyday situation with excessive worrying. Sometimes this can even be too much and it stops the person from being concentrated and finishing their daily tasks.

Biting nails

Biting nails is definitely a bad habit that people usually have when they feel nervous and stressed. This is also considered as a sign of anxiety and it can go to the extend when they bite the nail until it bleeds and feel the pain. And it can take a lot of time as well as will to get rid of this bad habit.


Restlessness can be also considered as a sign of anxiety and it most often occurs in children and teens. This is actually the feeling of having and uncomfortable urge to move. If it occurs for a short period, than it won’t be considered as a big problem. But as long as it lasts longer, for months, then it is definitely a sign of an anxiety disorder.


Depersonalization disorder appears as symptom of anxiety. This is actually the unpleasant feeling that some life situation happened before your eyes, but you did not feel part of it. It can appear out of sudden, making you feel disoriented and not knowing what to do.

Tense muscles

Having tense muscles for a couple of days or even weeks can be another symptom of anxiety, or it can be also said the other way round – anxiety can cause tense muscle. And no matter how it is said it is very unpleasant and it makes you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. So, a muscle relaxation therapy can be of great help here.

Sleeping problems

And of course not being able to sleep well is another sign of anxiety disorder. Most often people with anxiety disorder, wake up in the middle of night and have trouble falling asleep again. The insomnia and anxiety are strongly connected and it is not proven which causes the other. But anyways when anxiety is treated, the sleeping improves as well.

So, whether the anxiety is a mild one, or there is a disorder happening, a medical help is needed to bring the person to normal life and achieve happiness.