Dress codes are one thing you won’t find people discussing enough, and that is probably why most are confused when they are invited to conform to these rules. May it be a white tie dress code to cocktail attire chances are you have messed up the details here and there.

To perfect your cocktail attire and stun the people you are to mingle with, check out these simple rules that check the list in everything that goes into the cocktail dress code for women.

Too Revealing Won’t Work

Cocktail attire doesn’t work if you are going to wear the same dress you use when you are out with the girls at the club. Cocktail attire revolves more around looking charming with the dress being the star of your look more than your skin.

Hemlines Matter

Not in a “don’t show your” ankles kind of way, but a good rule is to keep hemlines just around the shins. If you find yourself confused just think whether you would be okay with your boss seeing you in this dress; you will know what to wear.

While on the topic of hemlines it is important to note that you cannot go too formal either. You mustn’t wear a floor-sweeping gown. Therefore always start your selection by opting from a pool of midi dresses and skirts.

Trousers over Jeans

Most people know that you can wear leggings under your cocktail dress. However, the only other exception for bottoms is sleek trousers. Never make the mistake of donning on a pair of jeans, or any other pants made of a diverse fabric. At a cocktail party, you just cannot risk looking underdressed.

Attention to Bags

For the dress that you may have picked out, it is possible that you find a cute looking handbag suit it perfectly. However, a huge slouchy bag can easily look sloppy, even if it is stylish in its own way.

To complete the look, you have to browse for more elegant options. Therefore it makes sense that you invest in a clutch or a mini shoulder bag that makes your entire look seem more refined by whoever that may greet you.

Don’t Divide your Focus between Accessories

Most people make the mistake of opting for way too many statement pieces. They may look great, but not when it comes to your cocktail attire.

The best way around it is to choose one standout piece of accessory that you really admire. Even Coco Chanel said that one should take off one piece of accessory before they left the house. Always stick to a standout piece that you really like.

You would be surprised if you learned the number of people who keep hair ties around their wrists, even when it comes to formal events, stick to the dress code and swap your scrunchie for a sleek looking bracelet, you can keep the hair tie in your clutch.

The Right Shoes

When most women think of a midi dress, their mind automatically diverts to those pretty looking chicks on cute online boutique photos in a pair of sneakers. Don’t give in to the temptation, you need the extra lift in your feet when you are attending a formal event. It doesn’t matter if you have donned on kitten heels, stilettos or block heels, all of them work. You can at times wear flats, but only if they are super notable and go perfectly with the dress.

The Correct Undergarments for every Dress

It is essential that you take special care and go the extra mile to ensure that none of your slips or bra straps are visible in your attire. Your shape-wear should not feel through the fabric and whatever undergarments you choose they mustn’t make creases in your dress.

Noticeable Wrinkles

It doesn’t matter what material or color your clothing is, even the smallest wrinkles are noticeable when you are meeting people up close. The fastest and easiest way to get rid of the ‘ugly lines’ is to use a steamer. They don’t ruin the fabric and keep you looking elegant throughout the evening.

And there you have it, the guide to acing your cocktail attire dress code.