According to Jim Hegarty, it is not easy to find firms that involves in home improvements. His article published in the column of ‘Consumer Watch’ goes like this:

As the spring is approaching it is the time to have the home improvement plans ready. Shows regarding homes and gardens have just begun and it is more appropriate period to choose the right people for the right job.

Home Improvement

Home shows indicates abundant of home maintenance firms

Home shows reveal the existence of many firms that offer similar home maintenance services. These seem to be no shortage of these firms. Selecting the right contractor for the specific is a daunting task. With the abundance of these firms, there is enough possibility that some of these scam contractors at the Midwest to make a quick buck off of some innocent home owners.

The articles further states that doing a home work is cost effective and less painful. A case encountered by an Omaha couple reveals a fact of fraudulent business practice shown by a unlicensed contractor. After collecting a initial $6000 from the couple for their home improvement program, he did not turn up after doing a small amount of work. He failed to turn up and even not responding the calls made by the couple. Later the couple hired another contractor to complete the unfinished work.

They have also learnt that the previous contractor has not taken the permission for the project. Has this couple verified with the BBB beforehand, they would have discovered the F rating of the original contractor? Such rating reveals the fraudulent business practices. However one has to be careful with such scams. With these unlawful practitioners who pose themselves as professionals, it is the responsibility of the home owners to check with the BBB about the credibility of the home improvement firms as well the individuals who represent such firms.

General guidelines in selecting the right firm or individual contractor

The author suggests the following guidelines while selecting the home improvement programs of any nature ranging from major landscaping to minor remodel jobs.

  • Get at least three quotes from different contractors for the same specifications and materials. Though the labor charges may differ dramatically, these bids are mandatory.
  • Use BBB as a resource to find the accredited contractor.
  • Request the contractor to produce some testimonials which is good enough.
  • Avoid down payment and pay as per the progress of the project. Make the final payment after satisfaction.
  • To ensure the starting and finishing dates are mentioned in the service agreement and to avoid any oral assurance given y both the parties.
  • Also the liabilities of the contactors should be specified with the sub contractors in the aspect of wages to the later.

In addition to the above the home owners need to review the contracts if the work takes longer duration. Check for the warranties given for the jobs done. Check the license of the contractors and verify them if need be.  Welcome the spring by calling the home improvement contractor to have a great experience.