Thanks to the internet, everyone seems to know all about everything today including pest control. Unfortunately, you can’t believe everything you read. Here are some of the most well-known myths about pests and pest control.

The Top 5 Myths About Pest Control

1. All Pests Are Bad

Yes, dust mites and cockroaches can set off asthma attacks. Termites can cause damage to a home. Still, not all pests are bad. Ladybugs eat plant-munching aphids. Spiders, other than the brown recluse and black widow varieties, catch and eat pests.

2. A Clean House Has No Pests

Experts such as those at Main Sail Pest Control, a pest control service in Menifee say cleanliness means nothing to pests like bedbugs, cockroaches, flies and termites. For example, bedbugs just want your blood. They don’t care about how clean your house is.

3. DIY Rodent And Bug Treatment Is Easy

While pest control might seem easy, professionals say that there’s always the chance of utilizing “the right product” for the wrong job. Worse yet, there is always the chance of using “the right product” for the right job but with the incorrect “elimination method”. “Bug bombs”, for example, don’t actually remove bedbugs but cause them to make a break for it which actually eventually enlarges their territory. Mistakes like this are a waste of time, effort and money. It takes less time and effort to call in professionals. Additionally, it’s good to know the harmful chemicals are being handled properly.

4. Pesticides Are Good

They are very good when they are correctly used and handled and stored appropriately. One must, however, always be aware of each particular pesticide’s place. Are they for use indoors or outdoors? Where are they to be stored? Outdoor pesticides, for example, remain toxic longer when they are stored indoors. Experts also note that pesticide use without the proper personal protection and “in enclosed environments. Secondly, using pesticide in an “uncontrolled environment” can be dangerous to everyone in the household.

5. Traditional Pest Control Isn’t Always the Answer

It’s paramount to impose “stringent standards” in terms of both environmental and personal hygiene when it comes to airborne viruses. Beyond that, pest control pundits say the professional application of disinfectant mist is essential. Exterminators employ biodegradable, environmentally-safe disinfecting technologies in order to treat childcare centers, schools and homes. They effectively handle such viruses as HFMD and Swine Flu (H1N1).

Professional “know-how” counts. So does knowing the facts. Now you know the truth regarding a few of the biggest misconceptions.