Investing in wholesale food can be a great way to save yourself money but only if you go about it the right way. Many people spend thousands of dollars on bulk food and end up wasting more food than normal and actually spending more than they normally would on their food.


How Can You Save Money?

Wholesale food is good for saving money on because it is often priced at lower rates. Wholesale stores are willing to take smaller profits because they sell more products at once than retail stores do. This means if you are willing to buy 50 pounds of hamburger at once you can probably get it at a significant discount compared to what you would normally pay.

Focus on Dry and Canned Items

When you buy food in bulk you should get dry and canned foods before anything else. These items typically last between six months and three years without going bad. That means you can buy a large stockpile of food, and you don’t have to worry about not using it up before it expires.

Invest in a Freezer

If you plan to buy large cases of meat at reduced prices you need space to store them. For meat one of the best investments that you can make is a large and energy-efficient freezer. With a large enough freezer you can keep meat from expiring for months. That means you will have plenty of time to figure out how to eat up that 50 lb. case of ground beef that was such a great deal.

Buy a Good Vacuum Sealer

When you buy large quantities of meat you will want to break them down into smaller meal size packages. A good vacuum sealer will allow you to cut up a package of meat and seal it into many smaller sizes that will all last for a long time in the freezer. It makes buying meat in bulk convenient again, and you can use it for other food products that you put in the freezer as well.

Compare Prices

Everyone assumes that wholesale food is less expensive and they often buy their food in bulk without checking prices against local competitors. Pay attention to local ads and just note prices of different products before you make a major bulk purchase. You certainly don’t want to buy your food in bulk if it is at a higher price than the retail stores are selling it for. If you are hoping to purchase high-quality wholesale food from a trusted retailer, Dworkin’s offers a great selection at affordable prices.

It’s easy to cut your food costs when you buy food in bulk. Now you know how to take advantage of that food club membership. Just make sure you stay on task when you go into one of those bulk stores and you don’t wind up buying a bunch of overpriced non-food items that weren’t on your list. Stick to the basics and you can make a membership work for you and reduce your grocery bill noticeably with just a little work on your part.