Did you know that over 37,000 people died in motor vehicle crashes last year? The number injured was close to 2.4 million. That is a lot of pain and suffering that might have been avoided with some common sense and a few key changes in the way people drive.

Risky Freeway: 4 Keys To Safe High-Speed Travels

Let’s look at four ways you can be safe when traveling.

Use Your Lights

You automatically turn your headlights on when the sun goes down. But, what about during a rain storm or when you are using your windshield wipers? The lights on your car help you be seen by other drivers on the road. When you don’t use your headlights during a rain storm, you will blend into the blurry view caused by the downpour, especially if you are driving a lighter-colored vehicle.

If you cannot see a vehicle approaching, they cannot see you. So, put your lights on when light is low, when it’s raining, or when conditions make it hard to see other vehicles.

Stay out of the Passing Lane

The passing lane is often wide open and free of traffic. It makes it very easy to hit the gas and start moving ahead. However, you should only use the passing lane when you need to pass someone. Using it as a travel lane does a couple of things. First, it prevents someone else from passing, and, second, it holds up anyone behind you.

Stay in the travel lane and go at the speed of surrounding traffic. Only use the passing lane when you need to get around a slower vehicle. Once you pass, get back into the travel lane.

Keep Your Cell Phone out of Reach

Your attention needs to be on driving safely from the moment you turn on the car. And that is especially true when traveling at high speeds on the highway. That phone call or text message can wait until you are parked and have the engine turned off.

Put your cell phone on silent and put it out of reach. That way you are not tempted to look.

Give Truckers the Space They Need

Semi-trucks handle very differently than a regular motor vehicle. They are harder to maneuver and stop. When traveling the highways, be sure to give these large trucks plenty of room. That way, you can avoid collisions and won’t get caught under the truck in case of an accident. If the worst does occur, you can try to get legal compensation for your property and injuries with the help of a lawyer from Dolman Law Group or a similar firm in your area.

Use these keys to keep you and your passengers safe next time you are on the highways. No one wants to end up in an accident. With a bit of common sense, and some extra knowledge, you can arrive safe and sound.