We should always try to make the most of our corporate travel budget. Dozens of people from the top management along with their families could be involved and this requires careful planning. We need to have a well written travel policy and needs to be disseminated to any participant. Many companies don’t have latest travel policy that defines how each participant should act or behave during a trip. Composing an effective travel policy should be quite easy and it needs to reflect our corporate culture. This will make sure that people will understand our policy and it is important that any participant is asked to sign a copy of the policy. Each staff should own, understand and read the policy. It shouldn’t complex and long. In fact, a travel policy should be simple and straightforward. The travel program should be centralized with a single agency to simplify everything. This will also reduce costs, because everything is handled by the travel agency. Another way to centralize our travel program is t use only a single preferred airline, so the company can collect enough miles to get free tickets for future trips. Using only a single hotel and land transportation service will also allow us get reduced prices.

Companies may use online booking system to improve their travel plans. In general, online booking is a more affordable process and companies can get a number of options. These services allow consumers to get a sense of control, thereby improving the overall experience. Complex itineraries should be simplified to make it easier for everyone to enjoy the trip. With enough flexibility, it is easier for participants to enjoy the trip at their own pace. Strict military-like schedule could cause distress among participants and the actual goal won’t be achieved. Transportation, accommodation and food are major cost components in any trip, but we could still look under every stone to save costs. As an example, our favorite hotel may actually allow for discounted rates. It’s important that we don’t neglect hotel volume. It is important to obtain more than 5 percent discount, if we are able to guarantee specific increase in hotel volume due to our travel program. Rental car contracts should be integrated with our travel plan.  Good rental will make the trip more efficient and morale can be enhanced. It is clear that reliable transportation will make the experience less stressful.

Before the trip commences, there should be a group meeting to make sure that things will be successful. Even ordinary employees may have excellent ideas on how to make this year’s trip better than before. After the trip ends, there should be someone who creates a report to determine specific metrics. Financial controls and constant monitoring could be needed to improve the future trips. We should use all avenue, so we will be able to improve efficiency and comfort during corporate trips. With enough comfort, employees should be able to regain their productivity, once they return to office. Travel programs are a kind of rewards that employees may expect to get.