A deck is always one of the best spots to enjoy the sunshine in summer. But if you do not have a deck in your garden and you are planning to build on, then you need to do it wisely. There are several things you need to keep in mind before starting the work. You might not know what things factors are so here is a list of 5 things to consider before building your deck.

Get essential permission

If you are building a deck Kentucky legal system, ask you to get permission for that. Rules may vary depending on the size of the deck and other factors, but still, it is a wise idea to get necessary permission for same. The good thing about this permit is that you can easily get it as long as you have all the plans ready with you.

Finalize the design and size

Without a finite design or size, it will be impossible for you to build a better deck. Neither you will be able to get the right amount of material for same. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you evaluate multiple design option before finalizing it. Also, you should explore multiple size options keeping your garden size in mind. With these two precautions, you can take a smart decision, and you can get a better deck as well.

Choose a material wisely

You can choose composite material for the deck, and you have the option to use real wood as well. In Kentucky, you should choose only graded lumber as it is approved by the authorities for deck building. Using a non-graded lumbar can eliminate the approval for your deck or patio instantly. Same applies for the fasteners as well, and you should choose metal that is approved by the authorities for same

Strength is essential

The weather condition in Kentucky is not favorable, and it can go to an extreme with 90mph wind and a lot of snow fall. This patio deck may face heavy rain as well. Because of all these factors, it is essential that you pay minute attention to its strength as well. It should have strong lateral support as well to avoid any damage due to weather. You should make sure this deck can withstand the pressure of the 40-pound per-square foot.

Get the help if needed

You may not have all the necessary knowledge to build your deck. If you do not know the essential knowledge, it is advised you get all the help that you can. If you can find a good contractor, that would be a great help for you. This contractor will follow all the rules, and he will also make sure you get a strong deck.  Thus, it is a wise idea to keep this option in mind while building a patio for your garden.


These suggestions may sound simple, but it can give outstanding results to you. These simple tips will not only help you have a better deck, but it can keep you away from any trouble as well. Along with that, it also extends the life of patio, and you can get the best return on investment.