According to the Guardian, private tutoring might be a waste of time and money. While private tuition is designed to help children enhance their education, recent reports simply claim otherwise. In fact, research shows that additional tutoring only led to marginal improvement in GCSE results. The news has impacted both parents and the educational community at large.

In the past, private tuition was considered an essential way to help children meet their educational goals and aspirations. With this alarming news, however, parents may want to reconsider spending countless pounds for private tutors. This despite the fact that 27% of families surveyed have utilized tutors for their primary and secondary school children.

No so many benefits from private tuition

The London University Institute of Education also chimed in with reports that further add to this claim. Based on recent studies, the University team found that students who received private tuition in math scored less than stellar results on the GCSE. This was two years before taking the exams, which resulted in just under half a grade higher.

This meant on average; students that secured private tuition in mathematics received C grades as opposed to D grades. While this is a slight improvement, it really offers not impact from an educational standpoint. Furthermore, some students that received tuition did not improve their chances of scoring higher on the GCSE at all. While most of the extra lessons were in mathematics, boys seemed to fare better than girls.

According to research specialists Katie Rushforth and Judith Ireson, the validity of private tuition is now in question more than ever. With discouraging news and reports surrounding this once sought after extracurricular activity, children are simply benefiting less and less from private tutoring. In fact, private tuition can no longer guarantee true educational quality and timely results.

Still, the use of private tutors continues to rise in the U.K. This is due to many parents that are showing deep concern about the state education system. They also want their kids to perform well on entrance and public exams.

Back in 2003, over 300 year 11 students who took the GCSE exams were surveyed. Out of this group, 48 students had received prior tuition in math during the 10th and 11th grade. Out of the 48, the majority of boys increased their math scores by almost three-quarters of a grade. Sadly, the tuition did little to improve female student performances.

For some reason, private tutoring tends to help boys a lot more than girls. This can be due to not being able to find the right tutor, along with tutors simply not being able to help girls as much as boys.

Private tutors need to perform to keep employment.

If students are to excel in their studies, private tutoring must remain one step ahead. In fact, tutors have to stay ahead of the curve just to remain competitive. With the demand for tutors on the rise, many extra curricular teachers would like to secure gainful employment. If they, however, are not performing up to par, parents will simply stop spending the money needed to help their children overcome any educational obstacles.

While the latter can be hindering their performance, students may need to apply themselves more in class and in their overall studies. This, of course, is because private tuition no longer seems to be getting the job done.

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