There are different types of logical reasoning test and unfortunately most of the recruiters are still not aware about it. The test includes all the best ways to hire the candidate in less time of span. Each type of such test is similar to one another in terms of layout and methodology. There might be subtle difference in each of the pattern, but if you want to understand well in advance about the process of hiring through logical reasoning, then of course you need to first clear your perception with regards to what are the types that you can actually inculcate at the time of hiring.

Know the Types of Logical Reasoning:

Inductive reasoning:

Under this section, the focus is mostly made on reaching the general conclusion depending upon the perceived patterns that has been observed in certain events. Such type of option is usually used in routine life and that is why if you are planning to inculcate it practically to a workplace environment then certainly you will have better scope of hiring the right person. In such type of test, the candidates are given the series of diagrams with an evident pattern. Such candidates will then have to identify the pattern in a sequence of the diagrams and choose the text diagram in the sequence manner.

Abstract reasoning:

This is another option which is also known as conceptual reasoning. It measures the lateral thinking ability. Such type of test will also provide you with the details on identifying the candidates that would focus on the understanding the patterns, trends and ability to know the relationship. The candidate would offer you with certain set of images that would help you follow the logical sequence in specified rules.

Deductive reasoning:

In these other popular logical reasoning assessment tests, it is all about the general rule or principle. Its focus is solely on reaching out the specific conclusion. Such type of test would help you in making the evaluation and measuring the ability of the candidate that can make the logical arguments and create the conclusions depending on the data that has been provided. This also helps the person to identify the flaws that gets noticed in the piece of information. Of course it is one useful tool that makes the selection process a hassle free task and is being used on a large scale in different workplace.

With the above mentioned types, you, of course, can improve your hiring. But you need to make sure that the option or the type that you choose can help you actually identify the right type of candidate that you are looking forward to hire in near future. If you want to grow your company in a better way then make sure you hire the right candidate through the right recruitment process. In case, you are planning to create such type of test for the first time then you may also think of hiring a subject matter expert who can offer you wit accurate solution on the questions you can choose for the recruitment.