Logical thinking can be a real asset when it comes to your career.  Highly organised and methodical people are very sought after in certain sectors.  When it comes to transport and distribution if you can think logically and multi-task then you could be in high demand.


There are a number of interesting career options in the field of logistics.  This can open up new opportunities for those people who enjoy a challenge.  It is important to get good career advice before you start training for any new job.  Training can cost you time and money so you need to make sure you are getting what you need to achieve your goals.

Careers in Logistics

It does help to have a naturally organised and methodical mind if you want to work in the transport and distribution sector.  Logistics can involve a lot of analytical thinking and in many cases you will need to be able to absorb and organise large volumes of data.  This can be a very rewarding career field though for those with the right skills and abilities.

Here are just few of the different career paths available in the field of logistics to help you get started.

Freight Forwarder

This is a challenging role that sees you organise goods and cargo for native delivery and also import and export.  Freight forwarders take into consideration the client’s delivery requirements and plan and oversee the safe and efficient transport of their cargo.

As a freight forwarder you will need to have excellent communication skills.  This will enable you to deal with both clients and also various different companies and organisations home and abroad.  Typical duties will include:

  • Working closely with shipping lines, airlines, road and rail operators.
  • Investigating and planning cost-effective and efficient options for clients.
  • Ensuring time-focused deadlines are met for express shipping.
  • Understanding types of cargos and how best to transport them to their intended destination.
  • Overseeing the real-time transportation of numerous different cargos at one time.
  • Dealing with problems and overcoming challenges faced during transport.
  • Dealing with paperwork and ensuring the correct documents have been processed for insurance and customs requirements.
  • Assisting clients with making claims from insurance companies where necessary.

Air Traffic Controller

This responsible position sees you managing a range of commercial and domestic airlines through their various flight stages.  Safety will be a priority and you will need to have a highly organised and methodical mind with a good eye for detail.  Air traffic controllers can work out of air towers at airports and also in remote control centres.  There are positions available both in civilian and military sectors.  Typical duties can include:

  • Maintaining radio contact with aircraft crew.
  • Planning and directing the movement of aircraft around terminals, on and off runways and in the air.
  • Understanding weather information and informing crew of changing conditions.
  • Dealing with unexpected or emergency situations quickly and effectively.
  • Working with dedicated air traffic control systems.

Patient Transport Manager

It is not just goods that are transported in the logistics sector. NHS hospitals in the UK provide transport for patients in a range of situations including hospital to hospital transfers, appointments and discharges.  Managing these busy 24/7 transport needs are Patient Transport Managers.  This can be a challenging job and will require a level of diplomacy as you deal with a wide range of people from patients and relatives to harassed hospital staff.  Duties can include:

  • Understanding medical needs and arranging the most appropriate transport for individual patients.
  • Coordinating patient arrival/departure with hospital staff and relatives.
  • Organising care packages for vulnerable patients.
  • Dealing with frontline and non-emergency ambulance providers and taxi companies.

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