Today more and more games are being developed for mobile devices. A major credit for development of these games goes to the monopoly of the operating systems. Today there are 3 major mobile operating systems so developers can develop their games with a more targeted approach. Many titles that were big hits on gaming consoles and personal computers are now being re-developed for the mobile industry.

Popular examples are Need For Speed and Doom. Since the mobile hardware has also advanced, developers can now design their games without worrying about the limitations imposed in the past by slow hardware. One of the games that has caught the popular attention is Deus Ex: The Fall. The game is a spinoff of the original series that was developed for gaming consoles and personal computers. Today we will discuss what this game has to offer in this ultra competitive market.

  • Game Settings:

The story line of the Deus Ex: The Fall is set in the year 2027. The central character of the game is Ben Saxon whose past is described as an ex British SAS operative. It is an action driven role playing game and it’s the first that has been released for mobile operating systems. The games storyline follows directly from where the original novel Den Ex: Icarus Effect left.

The time in the year 2027 is described as the time of exceptional scientific advancements. The story line features a shadow organization called the Tyrants who have developed a drug for human augmentation and all augmented human beings including Ben Saxon must take this drug at periodical intervals in order to sustain their lives. The shadow organization makes huge profits from this drug but Ben Saxon is determined to uncover this conspiracy.

I must say that I find this story line pretty impressive and interesting. All of the characters in the storyline are well developed and have their individual roles in the game play.

Highlights of the game:

  • Fight for survival in a global conspiracy:

It’s a game with lots of thrilling action and the player is required to take constant actions in order to survive.

  • Every action has a consequence:

Since it is a role playing game, every action of the player has a consequence. This keeps you on your toes while you are playing.

  • The search for the truth spans from mafia hideouts in Moscow to the slums of Panama

As the story line mentions a global conspiracy, the gameplay takes you to different cities all around the world.

  • Visually stunning graphics, sound and music

There are only a few titles that manage to pull of stunning graphics and brilliant audio soundtracks and Deus Ex: The Fall is certainly one of them. As you play the game you never feel that the graphics are not that good or the visuals do not match the story line. Even the music fully compliments the game scenario and provides an overall immersive gaming experience.

  • Fully explorable, stunning environments

In the past games meant for mobile devices were limited due to unavailability of storage space and low processing speeds. But since that has changed, Deus Ex: The Fall takes full advantage of the current technology. All its environments are full explorable and are very well detailed. You will never run in to a dead end while playing this game.

  • Verdict:

It is one of those games that comes once in a while and take the whole gaming industry a step forward. I would rather consider Deus Ex: The Fall as a benchmark in mobile gaming.

Product review rating for Deus Ex: The Fall is 9.9 out of 10

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This review was authored by Morris Mason; Morris is a software engineer and has been associated with the development of many high profile games for gaming consoles. Recently he has the made the transition and started developing games for mobile operating system instead of gaming consoles.