It is your wedding and you would naturally want to capture those romantically lovely moments in camera forever, wouldn’t you? That is when you start looking for a passionate photographer. Not just any photographer would do. The one you hire should be instrumental in freezing those special moments for you and so you must hire a wedding photographer (a photographer who specialises in wedding ceremonies) who really knows his job.

Photographers To Capture Those Opportune Moments In A Wedding

Why professionals are better than hobbyist for the Indian wedding

Of course, there are many hobbyists and amateurs floating around and they would grab any opportunity that come their way. However, it would be better for you if you could delegate the task of taking official photographs to the professional, and the fun shots to the amateur. That way you keep everyone happy, especially if the hobbyist is your friend. The main advantage of hiring a professional is that his camera and equipment will definitely be professional, while the hobbyist will be carrying a less professional one. The difference lies in the quality of pictures. You can always check that when you get the prints for both sets.

The state of the economy actually doesn’t play a major role in deterring the couples from hiring the best wedding photographers. A wedding is a lifetime opportunity and they are not willing to compromise. However, it is not necessary that you should shell your last penny to hire photographers. There are plenty of beginners with fresh ideas and interesting imagination; they have knowledge of contemporary styles. Of course, if you want to go for the traditional kind where people pose and take photographs, it is your call. However, candid shots carry the essence of the wedding in India and if you want them captured in a professional way, well and good.

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Some tips while hiring wedding photographers for wedding in India

It is always important that the family is comfortable with the photographer and vice versa so they will help him get candid shots. Some people get intimidated when they see photographers walking around with their camera and huge equipment, and they tend to close up. If the photographer meets with the family and takes photographs of the pre-wedding rituals, then the family will know him better. Similarly, the photographer will also know when to capture the best candid shots by observing their behaviour.

If you don’t know any professional wedding photographers then you would naturally hire someone whom your friends recommend. You will need to interview several and view their portfolio to decide whether you like them or not. If you are not comfortable with the photographer who is abusive, dominating and arrogant, then don’t hire him for your wedding in India.

Make sure you hire a photographer who takes good quality photos. When compared to the extravagance of an album design, which is probably to cover up bad photos, you would always prefer a photographer who would give more importance to framing and quality, right?

A few points to remember:

  • The family should be comfortable with the photographer
  • Good attractive personality
  • The photos should be of good quality rather than the beauty of the album