new year resolutions can always be a sweeping statement that might be harder to achieve than you think. So instead of setting something that you might be disappointed with, why not aim to try 4 new things this year that you won’t regret!


Sky Drive

It might seem, scary, expensive and something that you just won’t enjoy. But it is one of the most exciting thing you’ll ever do. The prices are reasonable and the safety is to the highest standard. You also don’t need to worry about actually jumping (like with bungee jumping) as you’ll be strapped to a trained professional that will do everything while you simply enjoy the view and release your adrenaline.


Take Up a New Sport/Exercise

It can be on a lot of people’s resolutions to lose weight and get healthy and taking up a new exercise will help you succeed! Yoga, light jogging or an exercise class are popular choices to keep you consistently attending the commitment and gradually you’ll hit your new year’s resolution.


Change Your Wardrobe

This doesn’t mean being a new storage unit, there can be a lot of times in life where you find yourself wanting to try new style but not having the courage to put yourself out there and having people notice straight away your dressing differently. Well you can change that this year and it’s best to start off small with something like designer lingerie and build up to the more noticeable styles like trainers, tops and dresses.


Donate Blood

If you don’t already, then donating blood is a great way to support your local hospitals. Not enough people donate currently and the NHS only ask that you donate 4 times a year. Every three months you’ll be reminded that you are ready to start donating again and you can pick and choose a time and date that suits your lifestyle.