A family cat can become a truly valued member of your family over the years, so when they pass away it can be a very upsetting time. When the time comes to make arrangements such as perhaps allowing the vet to put your cat down, holding a little funeral, and picking out an urn that you are happy with, it can help you deal with the sorrow if you choose an urn as a family.

What Is The Urn Made From?

Urns can be a made out of a range of materials including metal, ceramic, glass, wood, or paper (for biodegradable urns). Choose Personalized Urns For A Much Loved Family Catsomething that reflects the personality of your pet and also something that is practical for its use. For example, if you want to have it on show then you may want to pick metal, ceramic or glass as these are the most aesthetically pleasing. However, if you are planning a burial of the urn, wood or another biodegradable material is more suitable.

Brass and metal urns look beautiful and are a lot stronger than some other materials so that you know if they were accidentally knocked over, that they would stay intact whereas ceramic and glass are a little more likely to break, even though they look pretty.

Which Shape?

Standard urn shapes are cylindrical or have the classic “vase” shape. However, wooden ones are generally a box shape with space for engravings on the side panels. Again, whether you have the urn on display may affect your shape choice.

Ones that are novelty shapes such as hearts, stars on even in the shape of an ornamental cat are best for people who want to keep their urn on display in the house. Some wooden words additionally have panels on the sides where you can add photographs of your choice. You can either put together a small collage or choose just one picture to go in these panels so that the urn acts as a decorative photo frame as well as a place to keep your cat’s ashes.

Which Size?

Your pet’s weight will affect the size that you need for a cat cremation urn. As most cats are small animals, small urns are often more suitable than large ones. However, always check that you are getting the right size for the urn before you make the final purchase. For example, most crematoriums will require details of your cat’s weight prior to cremation so that you can pick the right size urn. When you know the size then you will be able to plan where you are going to keep it/ how much space it will take up etc.

Which Color?

Once material, shape and size have been picked out, then you can begin to choose colors and patterns for your cat’s urn. The best way to do this is to browse a good range of different styles so that you can get an idea of the types of colors there are available. Pick a color that you believe reflects your cat’s personality and then if you want a pattern such as hearts, stars or paw prints you can get this added to the urn too.

The type of color which you end up with will depend on the type of material you choose. Wooden urns can come in a range of woods with various effects (beech, oak and maple to name but a few), whereas metal urns made of brass or other metals can either have a golden or silver color or may be decorated with enamels for less natural shades.

Which Kind Of Pattern?

Often, the pattern is included in the design of the urn but always check beforehand to make sure that you aren’t caught out if the price doesn’t include the additional detailing. Pick hearts, stars or paw prints or any other design that you like or choose a pre-made design that you think reflects your pet’s personality.