Teaching your children about the importance of recycling and conserving natural resources will not only help you save money on your utility bills, but it will also help your children to develop lifelong habits that will make a positive impact on the environment.

Here are a few great tips that will teach your kids how they can be more kind to the environment and help save the planet at the same time. 

How to Recycle

Teaching your children about recycling is one of the most important lessons for them to learn. First, you must explain how throwing away recyclable items in the garbage will eventually cause landfills to become overfilled. You can demonstrate this by overfilling a cup with dry cereal to show them exactly how the landfills are running out of room. After you’ve demonstrated how trash can become such a big problem, you can then explain to them how they can help keep trash out of landfills by recycling plastic, glass, aluminum and paper products. 

How to Conserve Water

There are many different ways to teach your children how to conserve water in your home. One of the most common reasons that children waste this natural resource is because they don’t understand the importance of water conservation. Water is everywhere right? As a parent, you will want to explain that resources aren’t unlimited and can run out if we aren’t careful. You may ask the kids where they think water goes when it goes down the drain. Let them think about it, and if they come to the conclusion that the water that goes down the drain is difficult to bring back because it is so dirty, you can ask them how they would solve the problem. One solution could be BioClean, an interesting waste water cleaning system that uses bacteria to break down waste and clean out the water so that it can be easily reused. Then you can show them how they can conserve water when they wash their hands, take a shower, and brush their teeth. 

Best Tips For Teaching Your Kids How To Be Kind To The Environment

How to Conserve Energy 

Teaching your children about the importance of conserving electricity will not only help save the planet, but it will also help you save some money on your electricity bill. One of the best ways to teach them how energy cannot be renewed is to light up some charcoal on the grill. After the charcoal completely turns to ash, you can explain to them that the charcoal’s energy has been used up and can never be used again. 

How to Reduce Environmental Pollution 

A great way to show your children about environmental pollution is by tossing baby powder into the air or shaking a dirty rug outside. When the kids see how dirty the air becomes, you can explain to them that the air is too dirty for us to breathe and can make us sick. Then you can let them know that they can help reduce pollution by riding their bikes instead of riding in a car that pollutes the environment with fumes from its tailpipe.

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