Most of us look forward to the big day, that day when we will finally look deep into the one we love, right in front of the whole world, and hear him/her say “I do” as you also pledge the rest of your life to him/her.

We dream about that day from the time we witness our very first wedding as kids. And that goes for both men and women, despite what the macho guys say, though girls fantasize about this day more than boys. So why is it that that single day is considered the most memorable, and one of the most important days in the history of everyone’s life?

Wedding Day

You Found Your Soul Mate

First, this day is extra important because it is the day that we confirm that we have found our soulmates. You may dismiss this as not being so important especially if you have never fallen in love. But look around you. All over the world, people are looking for love. There are millions of websites dedicated to helping people find love.

There are social networking sites that are purely meant to bring people in search of romance together.

Apart from the World Wide Web, there are many companies, organizations, and groups whose main agenda is to help single people find love.

Even the strictest religious groups that may frown on public displays of affection and cultures that would disavow an unmarried member who held the hand of someone from the opposite sex believe in love. That is why they arrange forums for bringing young unmarried people together to cultivate relationships under supervision.

So whatever religion, belief, or culture you hold, it is a matter of great celebration if finally two people meet and declare themselves to be so much in love they want to get married.

It’s In Your Honor

In your life, there will probably be many celebrations held in your honor. When you were born, people celebrated and they continue to do so every year in commemoration of your birthday. When you got through middle school, or high school, or college, there was some celebration of some sort to honor you. When you land some big account for your firm or land a promotion, people will be toasting to your health and partying in your name.

However, none of these will ever come close a wedding celebration. This is the ultimate party that is held in your honor. You’d think that the fact that you are sharing that honor with someone else diminishes the joy of the occasion. In actual fact, the honor is made that much grander because you are sharing it with that one special person.

Transition to New Life

The wedding day is that one day when you cease being two individuals to become one. You have stopped being a single man or single woman and are now a married couple. You have stopped making holiday plans for yourself and now have to make for two (and more on the way). This is the point when the lady stops being Miss and becomes missus (Mrs). In another age, the man would stop being Master so and so and would now be mister (Mr.).

It is the day the world gives you permission to indulge in sex. If you were doing it before, then I am sure they weren’t happy about it but now they are even encouraging you to go enjoy it as much as you possibly can.

“Your People Will Be My People”

When you were born, you found yourself surrounded by people related to you by blood. You never got to choose who your family is but I know you are glad to have them (at least most of them except…). On your wedding day, you get to add some people who were previously strangers into your life as family. Your spouse’s parents and relatives become your parents and relatives.

Their home becomes your home, their country your country, their language your language. You will stand beside them in their battles and eat with them at their parties. The wedding day seals the bonds between your blood relatives and your newly adopted relatives.

It Comes Only Once In A Lifetime

Birthdays come every year and you don’t have to wear a tux or a gown for them. Promotions come one after the other, except if your boss is an unappreciative s.o.b. But your wedding day is just that one day in your life, if you are lucky! I’m saying if you ar lucky because the unlucky ones either never find their soulmates, suffered the death of their first spouse, or they first had to kiss a frog (or several) at an earlier wedding before they found the true one.

This once in a lifetime event is looked forward to by those who haven’t gone through it and remembered fondly by those who have. Apart from the wedding couple, even the guests, the planner, and the wedding DJ will remember your big day.

Key Rite of Passage

In almost every culture, the wedding day is considered one of the key rites of passage. Religious groups consider the wedding a sacrament that all have to go through. Society expects you to find someone and make your union official. Governments have special laws that recognize two people as a single unit and that unit is formed at a civil event in government offices (or in front of a government agent).

The Cake Is Delicious

This day is extremely important because the cake is delicious, lol. You may deny it, but that day is made all the more beautiful and memorable due to all those sweet things we get to publicly indulge in without shame, fear, or remorse. And though I have mentioned the cake, I mean all those other things.

It is the day you stuff your mouth with all the sugary sweet stuff that you are normally self-conscious about eating, it is the day you drink the finest wine with a cheery smile, it is the day the wedding DJ’s selections will have you rocking the dance floor with your parents, elders, and religious leaders cheering you on. It is your day and you are allowed to do all those things you normally don’t. And yes, that cake is so damn delicious too.

 The wedding day is your big day. The best day, the happiest day, and the most memorable day of your life all rolled into one. And just in case your memory attempts to fail you, you get to share that day for the rest of your life with the one your heart belongs to.

About the Author: Mary-Anne Clarkton has been planning weddings ever since she was in college. What started out as a hobby 15 years ago has become her profession and a highly successful business which she now runs with her husband, Joash.