A personal watercraft (PWS), also known as a water scooter, is not just a fun summer entertainment means, but also an effective vehicle, which is capable of developing 150 kilometers per hour speed. However, its movement is limited by the water, and cities are situated on the land. If you want to deliver the watercraft at a certain address, for example, to the house, garage or repair service facility, but you do not know how to do this, please call us on the phone and place an order. “Cigisped Middle East” Operator Company will at one stroke organize a cheap transportation of personal watercraft in Dubai city, with or without loaders.

Due to the advanced technology and equipment, which are used today by «Cigisped Middle East» specialists, watercraft transportation by road transport is much faster and more efficient than in other shipping companies. The cost of services remains low, regardless of the current season. Our cargo taxi for transporting scooters is equipped with a special platform that allows you to transport even heavy three-seater personal watercrafts, boats, motor boats and other watercraft. In addition, we can transport a water scooter inside a curtain-sided truck or van by the client’s request. It guarantees full protection against adverse weather conditions and other external factors.

It should also be noted that for the transportation of water scooters as well as any other expensive equipment, a special package should be used. The covering must be made of durable waterproof material and fit tightly to all external parts. It will protect the scooter from dirt, dust, moisture and small stones that fall under the wheels of the moving truck. Smart packaging allows avoiding unpleasant situations related to the transportation by an open trailer, and we are ready to provide it at any moment.

If you are going to transport boat on your own, remember that both unshipping and shipping of boat on the sandy shore are not recommended to do if you lack appropriate skills. It often happens that the truck wheels are stuck in the wet sand; as a result, both the truck and watercraft can be destroyed. In similar situation, it is safer to call experienced «Cigisped Middle East» drivers, who will take care of all the nuances. You will not have to think about how to drag the water scooter onto the platform. You will not need to worry about how to fix the cargo so that not to have to look back in the process of transportation. Moreover, you will not have to adapt to the changing dynamics of the truck.

Place a free order and receive from two to nine offers from reputable carriers:

  1. Tell us what kind of a personal watercraft, where and when you needed to transport, and assign an approximate price.
  2.  Pricing proposals from carriers are final and cannot be changed.
  3.  The selected carrier will contact you to confirm transportation terms and conditions.