No doubt, renting a car is a very wise option for your road trip. Changing transports is often expensive and annoying. It takes much time and nervous to find a good travel operator if you are really bad at driving. But if you are an experienced driver, there is no reason to refuse the idea of car rental. You can find a good car for your family in one click! How about 7seater SUV rental? You can get more comfort for your family with 7-seaters: more space, more safety, more power. The reason to use such a large auto can be different: visiting relatives, exploring new countries, entertaining kids, meeting partners in the airport. Anyway, you should find a good rental company to deal with.



Don’t you think that taking a long trip is impossible without a good comfortable rental car? If you think so, you take care of your family more than of your money! Sure enough, the price also means much. 7-seater SUV rental will come pricier than a midsize car for 4 passengers. From the other hand, watch bonuses and sale coupons! Companies often support renting so-called not promising cars with big sales, no fees, and attractive rental offers.

Traveling from Chicago to Denver you should spend about 20 hours driving. Traveling with 3 kids and 2 adults, it would hardly be comfortable to spend time in the economy class car. Small-size vehicles are not good for family trips. You need a reliable modernly equipped car to spend your time there. And it would be great if you could get it at a discounted price. So, why pick 7-seaters?


  1. It saves your money

It would be really great if your rental auto is fuel-efficient, even savvier than your own vehicle. You win! To get the best car you should compare many different cars first. Use mobile apps to make your choice more effective. So, rental auto can save your budget if you could get a sale coupon or going to take the car for long period. Also, if you are to getting into an accident, it would be really cheap to cover the costs for reparation from the rental insurance rather than repair your own vehicle. Check one-way rentals! Planning to travel through the country, you can pick up the car in New York and drop it off somewhere else, not depending on a concrete location. Save some money on flights!

Isaac in Car Seat

  1. It is comfortable

The variety of large cars can be really big! And that’s great if you have a choice. How do you feel when traveling in a small car with your kids and pets for long? You feel short of breath from your nervous dog, annoying kids, lack of space and time. A full-size SUV and even 7-seater SUV is the best choice to give maximum comfort for your passengers and enough space for your luggage. It is easier and less stressful to get comfort for a driver and all passengers. As a rule, the third row of seats is specially equipped for kids and their leisure.

  1. It is compact

Traveling in a big company you can divide it into 2 smaller groups and travel in two or three separate vehicles. Instead, rent a 7-seater and travel compact. Besides, it would be cheaper than renting 2 cars instead of one.

Citroën Picasso


Family trips require long planning. Of course, using one or two booking apps, you can plan the whole trip from the beginning to the end in half an hour. Booking any of available services like making a reservation for a hotel, a car, or a transfer, you’d better do it far beforehand. It would be great if you could book a car 3 months in advance! Do you think it is too early? Early rental can help to save more money and get the cheapest price! Do you need an example?

American Family Travel

Booking a SUV car for weekend on a peak season with pick up and drop off in San Francisco, you’ll pay no more than $80 per day for you large car! Do you like the price? If not, use online calculator to find another car, considering car brand, mileage, rental price per day, location. It doesn’t take much time.

When the travel date is closer, your chances to get the cheapest car fly away. Don’t wait long! Try to book a car as early as it is possible. Don’t worry! You can always change your mind. Check rentals every day. You can always change dates or car brand if you suddenly notice a better variant. Remember, that rental apps make you not only fast but flexible.