Probably, every bride dreams of losing weight before the wedding. However, any diet provides only a temporary effect and affects skin and hair condition. This tips from the bridal showroom Dubai will help you not only look perfect in a wedding dress, but also feel great!

There are four elements constituting the basis of a healthy diet:

  1. Motivation;
  2. Proper nutrition;
  3. Sports;
  4. Daily routine.


Motivation is the foundation of any weight loss program. It is difficult to refuse having your favorite dessert or skip an appointment with your friends for the sake of sports training, if you do not understand why this is necessary. You should clearly realize what you want to achieve in the end. Do not set yourself impossible tasks: assume that the average rate of weight loss is from 1.8 to 3.5 kg per month. The purpose of “losing weight by 2 sizes per 4 weeks”, is most likely to lead to breakdowns and overeating.

Remember that you are a bride, so your deadline cannot be postponed, therefore, do not put off training until tomorrow.

Balanced Diet

Limiting sharply the daily intake of calories, arranging “fasting weeks” based on apples and water, completely excluding from the diet fat or carbohydrates, in an attempt to lose weight as quickly as possible, are the extremes many brides go to. This affects not only their appearance, but also health condition.

Wedding preparation time should not be remembered as constant restrictions and stress, and on the wedding ceremony day you must look and feel great, so make sure your nutrition is balanced and have small meals 4-5 times a day. Say “No!” to added sugars, simple carbohydrates, fast food and alcohol.

How To Look Great On Your Wedding Day: Tips On Sports and Nutrition


Approach training consciously: think over your preparation plans, consult your trainer, and select the kind of sport that you like most. Running, yoga, Crossfit, boxing, dancing – you can start with anything!

The best option would be alternating cardio and strength training: so you will be working in two directions simultaneously – for the development of endurance, and the formation of a trimmer figure. Do not forget that after rigorous exercising the muscles need to rest for 2-3 days. Training more than four times a week, you are exhausting your body that leads to slower muscle growth.

Daily Routine

Steady daily routine with well thought out sleep-wake routine, regular workouts and having meals at certain times improves health, contributes to the normal rest and allows you to get the maximum benefit from physical activity. As a rule, a person needs 3-4 weeks to form a habit, so during the first month, try to strictly follow your new daily routine.

Positive Attitude

Being a bride is truly a magical period in a girl’s life. Fill it with positive emotions and communication with your loved one, do not succumb to the wedding preparation stress, learn to relax and enjoy your new healthy habits!

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