New York, London, Sidney, Paris…There are so many big cities and exotic countries in the world. Do you want to visit every of them? It doesn’t matter which will you pick? The matter is stay in safe while you are traveling. Traveling women are often met today. It is very important to be well prepared to your long-long trip and think of your personal safety. There are not strict rules, but there are many modern gadgets and applications that make your life easier. Thus, renting a vehicle gives you an opportunity to pick a good car in a minute with pick up in the airport. It’s fantastic!

But every time you are changing your traveling plan you may face the situation when you need help. That’s why various safety apps were designed special for you. Let’s meet them!



  1. Safety Shield Protection

This unique system can help you a lot when you are in trouble. What can you do? First of all you can take pictures of where you are and point it on a map. Also, you have an opportunity to ask for help by SOS button. There must be a list of special contact numbers that is previously added to the system. Even if you lose your phone the app is able to continue sending the information about you automatically.

  1. VithU App

This is a kind of app that is always with you. It is enough to press SOS key and the app sends messages about your help request. It says: Follow my location. The information about your location is updating every 2-3 minutes. The app sends you SOS request to the appcontacts. This is a sure way to get some help.

  1. Suspects Registry

This is a typical multifunctional emergency app that shows your moving whenever you are and exact location every time when you send the emergency request. There is a useful record function that allows making a record of the emergency situation and uploading it on your FB page.

  1. Scream Alarm!

The app screams in a woman voice instead of you. It can scare strangers or attract attention to your person, instead.

  1. Safe-Share Locations

Definitely, if you need to get some help, you have to inform helpers about your exact location. The function is called GPS trail. Your friends are informed about your exact location on your request. Also, there is an alarm function that is especially helpful when you need to attract people’s attention and a fake call. In addition, you can make a video and push a siren button.



  1. Personal Safety App

This safety app doesn’t need a special request from the owner to send SOS sms and GPS information. It regularly does it at intervals. What is more, your phone remains dark and quiet and no one can guess that it is working on your safety now. This is a kind of permanent care.

  1. Safety Help SOS for Women

This kind of app differs from others by its creativity. There is no any need to write special words and think of secret phrases. Just pick the right mode to define your level of danger. Remember lights? The green color says you are in safe now, yellow shows that you don’t know for sure if it safety where you are, and red means you need help. Every time your smartphone is in red, it acts very fast and sure. It sends information about your exact location and takes photo every 5 seconds. By the way, if you don’t know what color to pick, you can put the intervals mode by hands.

  1. 16iGoSafely

Every time you actively shake you smartphone up and down, here and there, the application start working. It sends information by mail or sms with your GPS location to emergency numbers. The message informs about your exact location including the street name and number, and sends an audio record. The information is updating every minute.

Walking in LA


  1. Safetipin

This app works in a new effective way. It not only sends SOS claim with your GPS information, but shows you the safest areas around. SOS signal goes to your friends or relatives or other numbers that are appointed in your address book as emergency numbers. The app is comfortable to use even in a new country. It is available in different languages, including Spanish, Hindi, English and others.

  1. Circle of 6

What does the Circle of 6 mean? Of course, it means that you can add up to 6 people to your trust circle. If any of you are in danger, you can use Circle app that sends sms alert claim with your location to everyone who is in the trust circle. It is also possible to contact to any of local emergencies or hot lines.

Every city is exciting, full of arts, culture, different attractions. There is always what to do in a big city. Whenever you go, whatever you do you should take care of you safety. There are many helpful apps that are ready to take care of your safety while you are traveling and enjoying the city sights and world around.