Every year from Labor Day until Christmas, millions of fans fill stadiums around the country on Saturday afternoons to watch their favorite college football teams battle it out on the playing field. Before and during the games, the stadium parking lot is also a scene of colorful and exciting action. Welcome to the world of college tailgate partying. Here is a list of 5 essentials items you’ll need to put on an ultimate college tailgate party.

Ready For Kickoff 5 Essentials For The Ultimate College Tailgate Party

Cooking Grill

Serving scrumptious food is a key to success for any tailgate party. It’s important to make sure that the chef-in-residence should have the best cooking appliances available.

Nothing draws the tailgate crowds or stirs the hunger pangs like the aroma of steaks or burgers cooking over a hot grill and the aroma of bacon sizzling in the skillet. The small portable charcoal BBQ has been replaced by large-capacity grills and cooking ovens fueled by propane. Some of the larger parties are even equipped with a trailer-pulled smoker oven that uses oak or mesquite wood fires to instill that unique BBQ aroma and taste.

Drink Coolers

There was a day when a Styrofoam cooler chest, 5 pounds of ice cubes, and two dozen cans of beer and cola could pass for a decent tailgate beverage dispenser. Today, the size of the crowds and their capacity to consume large quantities of adult beverages calls for much larger beverage units that can dispense drinks in various manners. In addition to ice chests that can hold dozens of canned and bottled drinks, many of the ultimate tailgate parties dispense cold beer from kegs or even pressurized systems to provide tap beer for the thirsty multitudes. Consider having many different types of beverages for your guests to enjoy through-out the day.

Entertainment Systems

Transistor radios, portable 8-track systems or even an amateur ukulele player used to be sufficient to keep milling tailgaters entertained. Today, full-blown stereo systems with mega-size speakers are vital necessities for any ultimate tailgate party. Some include a live DJ to keep the music flowing and the excitement level high.

Another recent entertainment addition is the introduction of flat-screen television screens with live satellite reception of all of the Saturday college games. And more often than not, when kickoff time arrives inside the stadium, tailgaters are finding it more desirable to pour a fresh chilled brew and watch the game right out in the parking lot.


If your idea of a good tailgate party is to encourage people to hang out with you and enjoy the food and brew, then providing seating of some kind is essential. People are willing to stand and socialize for only so long until they get tired and restless and move on. Stackable plastic chairs make for a comfortable sit, are fairly inexpensive and fit together to load and unload easily.

College Spirits Props

What’s the fun of a college tailgate party that’s not decorated with symbols of the two competing teams? Some tailgaters even refuse entry to their setup to people not wearing a jersey or shirt that identifies the college they’re rooting for.

College pennants and flags add color and fervor to any tailgate party. Some tailgate hosts who are extreme supporters of their particular college will even don college mascot costumes to add an extra flavor of the old college rah-rah spirit.

College tailgate parties are fun, festive, and a great way to gear up for a big game. There’s always great food, fun socializing, and comradery that is hard to find elsewhere. From cooking grills, beverages, entertainment systems, seats, and props you now know five essentials when preparing for the next game day. Consider purchasing team gear from a mascot company online and really show your team spirit.