The concept of an exchange system in the transport industry is an innovative one and is based on the idea of linking both owner-drivers and large haulage firms to potential transport contracts. A simple idea, the exchange system is one that not all businesses have yet latched onto. If you are looking to give your business a helping hand, particularly during the difficult economic times, then consider an exchange system. For little effort you can open up a whole world of potential transport contracts and help make your business a more streamlined and successful operation.


Making The Exchange Work For You

Once registered with the exchange you are putting yourself in contact with so many potential work opportunities that will very soon begin to flood in. Jobs actually come to you rather than you being required to go out and find them. If you are a large firm wanting to take on more work but having limited resources to buy more vehicles, then you may want to sub-contract. This can be a risk if you do not know the firm you are subcontracting to, and are unsure of their standards of working practice or their work ethic. The exchange, however, eliminates these worries and can put you in contact with sub-contractors that, simply by being members of the exchange, have been carefully vetted and offer an assurance of quality. Your sub-contractors will soon become regular contacts and sound working relationships are prompted as a result.

Contacts Are The Backbone of The Transport Industry

Making good contacts in the transport industry can be difficult and requires commitment and time, something that many company owners do not have. The exchange helps with this by finding transport contracts that eventually become good, reliable contacts. Once you have a base of good contacts you can rest assured that your business is succeeding and that both money and time on the road is being maximised. With so many jobs posted in the system, and your contacts available at the touch of a button, you are easily able to fill empty return vehicles and minimise wasted journeys, which is another bonus of joining the exchange.

The Joining Process

The joining process is relatively simple and only requires that you fill in your profile and provide the necessary documentation that proves your credibility as a business in the industry. The more information you give in terms of your availability, vehicle specifications and load limitations, the more chance you have of receiving notification of appropriate jobs. A feedback forum is constantly active and you can access this whenever you like. If you keep updating your profile you will find that transport contracts become much more easily accessible and that your business changes shape for the better, realising you more profit and a more organised way of planning your jobs.