The mobile technology has brought many advantages to its users. Using the mobile applications developed with the intention of providing on-demand services, the user has gained the chance to order and get those things delivered to his/her doorstep by the service providers. These service providers charge the user for the services provided to him/her by them and from which they earn their share. This system includes various factors and sub-systems, which give employment opportunities to many. For example, the delivery of the ordered items by the user is done through a delivery person who is paid as per the delivery tasks completed by the application owner or else if a taxi driver is accepting a ride through application than he/she will be paid a certain amount by the application owner from the total fare charged to the user. Thus, these on-demand service providing applications can serve the user and also at the same time can provide employment to the existing service providers too.

How It Works
One of such on-demand services is online taxi booking system. Using the mobile application provided, the user can book a taxi online with specifying the details of pick up and drop locations. The nearby driver will be notified of such booking. The driver is provided with the option of accepting or rejecting the request. If the driver accepts the request, the details of the driver will be sent to the user and ETA is displayed to the user. And once the driver completes the ride and the user reaches his/her destination, the payment is done by the user using the secure payment option provided by the application.

Tourism Industry Insights
Traveling and Tourism industry is an industry which continuously earns throughout the year. According to a survey conducted by the International Trade Administration, only U.S. travel and tourism industry have generated more than 1.5- trillion dollars in economic output for the year 2016. But when a user is traveling to any foreign country or is traveling across an entire continent, his/her primary concern will be about the safety and security of him/her and his/her belongings. As the user is not able to understand the local languages, he/she might face issues regarding the security of him/her or his/her belongings. In this scenario, the online taxi booking systems play their part by ensuring the safety and security of the user and his/her belongings through their application’s security features.

Thus the application for the taxi booking system must contain the features which are helpful in ensuring the security of the user. The features like live-tracking, route optimization, navigation are the ones which are required. The SOS panic button is also essential as it can be used in any emergency situations. As the leading online taxi booking applications are providing these features to their users, it encourages the user to continue using the application for their comfort and security. One of the best examples of this is Uber. By providing such features in their application, Uber is now serving the users across 6 continents. It is available in many countries by providing services in the major cities of each. So, if a foreign traveler is looking for a taxi and is not able to communicate in the local language then he/she can book a taxi using the application which is more convenient.

How does it help?
The online taxi booking system helps in overcoming the language, regional and cultural barriers of the tourist and it provides a choice for him/her to choose the type of car that he/she wants. Charging according to the type of car chosen by the user, this system also makes it cost-efficient for the user. In a way, these taxi booking facilities support the tourism business of those locations where they provide their services to the user. The underdeveloped countries and the countries which are depending on the revenue generated by their tourism industry are grateful to this online taxi booking facility, as it encourages more tourists to visit their country and as the number of tourists increases, the profit earned is increased.

Leap at the chance!!
The success of such taxi booking systems motivates others to start their own online taxi booking business in those areas of the country where these business giants have not reached yet. They can succeed by taking appropriate steps one at a time. They require an application which works up to the mark with the features of the existing applications. The uber clone app is the one for them. This application contains all the features and modules that the existing application has and other useful features to offer which are not included in the existing app. There are other features like the facility of multiple payment gateways, route optimization, live-tracking, ETA, SOS panic button included. This application can be launched in a short amount of time and it works just like any other taxi booking application.