Distribution is an inseparable element of your business. It places your products on the market so they can reach consumers as soon as possible. Distribution contributes to customer satisfaction. While the distribution and logistic flow system may vary for each company, there are actually principles to make it simpler and more effective. When you’re on a B2B business, the distribution would even play a more crucial role. Here some principles on an effective distribution system for your company

Efficient Packaging

Some packaging systems are just inefficient as they ignore the product categories. It would generate more cost and waste in distribution. You need to selectively package your products based on their specific characteristics. For example, only apply layered packages for fragile items or invest in sturdier outer boxes. These will cut the packaging cost and reduce waste in a significant way. An ergonomic packaging would also improve your delivery and distribution rate.

Delivery Options

Distribution or delivery will deal with various elements including the product measurement, product nature or category, and specific requirements. Food products would require a more solid delivery as it would highly affect the condition and quality products when they’ve reached consumers. You need to ensure that your delivery system covers all the possible circumstances for sure. Handling your own distribution could be exhausting but you’ll also take the full control on it. Of course, it also depends on the production and the capacity of your company.

Automated Delivery

Technology can help you with an effective distribution or at least dynamically control the delivery. Automated delivery could help you to track the route or progress of the delivery, estimate the delivery time, access the profiles or stats of the vehicles and drivers. This way you can inform any progress to your consumers in real time. In other hands, you can manage the delivery schedules for sure.

Using the Third Party Delivery Provider

If you’re not at a stage to cover such large and/or specific distribution but your company needs it, you may consider using established courier services. They will take care of the dispatches, special handling, warehouse management, doorstep deliveries, and even take charge of professional customer services. It’s not only about delivering your products but you can also align your logistic flow with this delivery partnership. This way, you can have an uncut circle of production and distribution as well as cut out delay and inefficiencies usually occurs between them.