Class 12th is a crucial stage of any student’s life. It’s the end of your school life and starting of your new journey in the search of your career. Most of the students think that it’s not important to choose their destinations from now and it can be done further. However, nor time has changed and if you think last, you may be always last in your career. It’s time you think for your future and take a decision that actually changes your life in an excellent way.
Here we have listed about some great courses which can be chosen after 12th in order to get a great result from yourself. Let’ have a look at these best courses after 12th science!

Unique Courses After 12th Science

Gone are the days when all the students of 12th science have 2 options as Medical or Engineering. Now, as technology and people’s mind have changed brilliantly, there are as many options as you could ever count. Students can choose their field according to their own interest. Obviously, we don’t love all the subjects in our course but once you decided which is your interest, you can opt for a course that will particularly define your interest in detail.
#1 Nanotechnology
According to Global Information Inc. Research, by 2018 the Nanotechnology industry is expected to reach $3.3 trillion. In this case, there will be a need for 10 lakh professionals in this field. After 12th, BSc or B.Tech in Nanotechnology and after this MSc or M.Tech in this subject can be made an excellent career in this field.

#2 Space Science
We loved wandering in the sky and roam around other planets in dreams. right? You can go for it now!
Space Science is a very broad field. Under this, many fields like Cosmology, Stellar Science, Planetary Science, Astronomy are also included. There are three years of BSc and four-year courses B. Tech for this course. Ph.D. is also available for this course especially in ISRO and Bangalore based IISC.

#3 Astro-Physics
If you are interested in stars and galaxies, then after 12th, you can create an exciting career in Astro-Physics. For this, you can take admission in the five-year Research Oriented Program (MS in Physical Science) and four or three-year Bachelors Program (BSc in Physics). After doctoring in astrophysics, you can become a scientist in ISRO’s research organization.

#4 Environmental Science
In this stream, the effect of human activity on the environment is studied. Under this subject subjects such as ecology, disaster management, wildlife management, pollution control etc. are taught. Projects of NGOs and UNO are increasing very fast in all these subjects. There are good prospects for this course.


#5 Water Science
This subject is related to water science. It has to study subjects like Hydroeconomirology, Hydrogeology, Drainage Basin Management, Water Quality Management, Hydroenformatics. Given the natural disasters like landslides and floods, the demand for the researchers is increasing in this field.

#6 Micro-Biology
You can go for B.Sc. in Life Science or BSc in Micro-Biology Course for Entry in Micro-Biology Field. After this, there is also the option of Master Degree and Ph.D. Apart from this, there are many fields such as Paramedical, Marine Biology, Behavioral Science, Fisheries Science, in which students who are interested in can make good careers.


#7 Robotic Science
The field of robotic science is becoming really popular. It has been used in almost all areas these days such as for Heart Surgery, Car Assembling, Landmines etc. If you like this field then you can also do certain specialization courses related to this area such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Advanced Robotics Systems and more.
If you are from Computer Science, you are also considered eligible for this course. Students who have earned M.E degree in Robotics can get jobs in research work at prestigious institutes like ISRO.

So, these were some of the most interesting courses after 12th Science. Hope you like this article and found an idea about the course, you want to do after 12th. Tell us your unique area or point of view for the unique subject in the comment section. Help other students as well by suggestion some unique course below. All The Best!