Summer is about a month away in the northern hemisphere. But that doesn’t mean many places haven’t started to experience warm temperatures. My family’s home town of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada has experienced summer like temperatures the entire month of May.

This has been fantastic as we’ve been able to head outdoors and do the things we like. When we get home, though our house can be very warm. Our home gets a lot of sun and is made of wood. So this causes it to get very warm during the hot days.

Everyone was complaining how hot it was in May and was dreading the actual summer months that lie ahead. Especially thinking about trying to sleep in the summer. I agreed that I wasn’t looking forward to that either.

So I decided to look around for options to cool our home. Everyone knows about air conditioners and better insulation. I wanted to find something else though.

I asked a friend who was a home general contractor Victoria. He told me about these things called heat pumps.

Now I know what you may be thinking. Why would a heat pump help me with cooling my home?

Let Me Explain

Heat pumps work two ways. To warm the home they take the cold air from outside and transfer it, warm air and push it into your home through ducts.

One Amazing Option To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

They work the opposite in the summer. What they do is extract the warm air from your home and transfer it outside. This is part of their reverse cycle.

They also are great for reducing the cost of your energy bill and tend to be much quieter than air conditioners. So I went to the internet and searched for “heat pumps Victoria”. I came across a company called Red Blue Heating and Refrigeration.

The owner talked to me about the different brands they carried like American Standard, Trane, York, Mitsubishi and Bryant. He said that I should go with a Trane one as they have some the best warranties around and they’re priced very well.

They came and installed our heat pump and put it around the back of our house. It’s a three foot by three foot box that is very quiet. We decided to add some flowers and plants around the heat pump to make it less intrusive. This way people won’t see it when we host parties this summer.

Overall, everyone is happy about the decision to go with a heat pump. It keeps the air in our house very cool and fresh.

So if you are about to experience a very hot summer, look into getting a heat pump for your home and keep the air cool and fresh.