There are many annoying things that can happen in our house. As an example, we could encounter the lockout situation, which can happen anywhere and to anyone. There are various reasons how you could be locked out. As an example, you may forget where to put the key or the lock of your door is broken. When you are running out of ideas, you often need to call the locksmith. However, you should be able to save time and money by preventing lockouts in the first place. First of all, you should avoid using self-locking door knobs in your house. Many houses have rooms with self-locking knobs and it will lock the door automatically, when it’s shut. It is true that this kind of locking mechanism if convenient and can save plenty of time.

Self locking knobs are designed to become a time saver, especially during a busy situation in the office. However, if you use this kind of knob in your house, it is perfectly possible that you are only asking for trouble. Another way to prevent lockout in the house is to use deadbolts. You may ask the locksmith to configure the lock hardware of the door, so it won’t lock automatically behind you when you shut it. With the right arrangement of the lock, you should be able to use the key from the outside of the door, so you will be able to access the deadbolt and handle combos. This could become a lockout proof configuration that is the best solution for your home if you repeatedly suffer from numerous lockouts.

As an alternative, you can use door restrictors, so you are able to prevent the door from being locked behind you. Another way to prevent lockout is by properly maintaining your locks. You should determine locks that are used the most often in your house. It means that these locks will be affected by accelerated wear and tear. Scheduled maintenance will need to be performed to make sure that the lock will work well for years. Locks can normally last for years despite frequent usages, but nothing works well forever. You should regularly check any kind of problems with the lock and find out potential issues that can happen with them. As an example, you should regularly clean the lock, because build up of oil, grime and dirt can be quite destructive.

Even a simple locking mechanism, such as door handles and deadbolts will fail eventually after years of prolonged usages. So, regardless of your locking mechanism, you should take time to clean them every few months. You will need soapy water and soft cloth to rub the outer part of the locking system and remove excess dirt and grime, especially near the keyhole. When using locks, you should also avoid scratching them. After a period of use, it is possible that your door locks will become scratched around the keyholes and faceplates. So, it is important for you to do things carefully.