Are you in a rush to sell your dream property? If yes, then make sure you don’t do it without some notable home improvements. To renovate or not, is a question that we often wonder while preparing to put our property on sale and for many, it is often quite a last-minute burden that only adds to their stress to sell the house.

However what many people fail to realize is that even basic improvements can increase the net worth of the house by 10%! Moreover, these renovations don’t cost the world. In fact, it is one of the best ways to invest in your future and save money on a long-term basis.

To sum it all up, if you want to walk up the property ladder to your dream house, then you need to know how to maximize its worth.

Read on further to find out the five improvements that will boost the curb appeal of your home. These are especially useful if you plan to move to a new place once you finalize the deal.

Paint the walls:

Peeling paint, fingerprints, and stains could be a complete turn off from the very start of the house tour. Moreover, if you have dark colored walls, then consider painting the house with a coat of a lighter or neutral color. The more luminous effect of the walls not only seem to attract the buyers but also makes the rooms look bigger and more spacious. Fresh paint on the walls of your dream property can be the best addition to start off the renovation.

Fix the windows and doors:

Creaking windows and doors could add an old charismatic charm to the house. However, this charm doesn’t seem to work on the potential buyers who have come to inspect the place. In fact, you may be surprised to see the buyers reach out to every door and window and examine every edge of it. Broken windows and doors not only annoy the potential buyers but put them under the constant speculation of the other items in the house.

Tidying up the garden:

It’s easier to forget about your garden and let the unkempt lawn and dead plants reduce the beauty of your garden. However, a garden is the first place that catches the eye of the customers as everyone would love to have an open, refreshing area in their house.

If hiring a landscaper drifts way out of your budget then merely tidy the details yourself.  Mowing the lawn, getting rid of all the dead plants, weeding, pruning and planting some fresh and attractive foliage would altogether add the ‘buy me now appeal’ to your house.

In fact, the customers will be impressed the first time they set their eyes on your dream property.

Updating the kitchen:

The kitchen is the total jest of the house that can either make or break the sale of the property. It’s a place where we cook, eat, prepare breakfast for kids or sneak up a late snack.  Therefore kitchen is a place that especially comes under the scrutiny of the customer as they are looking forward to seeing a well-maintained kitchen that would not have to require further spending.

Adding a modern look to the kitchen and making minor adjustments could straight away impress your customers. A cost-effective approach to updating the cupboard, cabinets, drawers, handles, and taps could be a great start. Further installation of the energy efficient appliances could add more appeal to the house.

You should also make it a point to clean the kitchen every night. However, it’s not just the kitchen that needs cleaning. You should maintain a cleaning schedule and inspect a different room each night so that your home remains attractive to buyers.

Upgrading the bathroom:

You can improve your bathroom without simply overspending your money. Update your bathroom with some new cabinet fronts, taps, and shower heads. Instead of changing the entire layout of the bathroom you can just focus on the cosmetic changes and opt for plumbing, structural and electrical upgrades. Making sure that everything is working correctly with no leaks or damaged areas help to give the customers the peace of mind about the infrastructure of the house.

Other minor details include updating the lighting, adding a carpet and a thorough clean up. In addition to home improvements, you need to work with a trusted real estate agent to successfully close the deal.