If you have dark rooms in your home like a poorly lit bathroom or kitchen, or you just want to be able to look up and see the majestic blue sky, then adding a skylight is the perfect solution. Natural light changes the colors and moods in a room, injecting it with a natural feeling of brightness and optimism.  Consider a skylight installation to enhance your home.

Much time is spent at home with the family or alone, working, relaxing, sleeping and generally living life. Your home is a sacred place and so it’s likely that many hours have been put into decorating and accessorizing this space, to make things comfortable and just right for you.  People have been known to spend lots of money on feng shui experts to come into their space and ensure a harmonious setting.  Adding some roof windows, as they’re known, is an option many people forget to consider but it is a simple and brilliant way to improve the feel of your home and the energy flow that is all around you.


If there is a lot of natural wood around, extra daylight will focus on the design and shadings in the wood and allow for a real appreciation of this design element.  It will make it look stunning and what was once just part of the room will become an elemental highlight.

Skylights are more than just a luxury. They can make you fall in love with a room all over again, which is much cheaper and easier than moving to an entirely new home. These days the trend is towards sustainability and ‘green’ initiatives.   Skylights are considered green because they are Energy Star qualified and emphasize natural light, indoor air quality and energy efficiency. Venting skylights are neat and allow stale air to escape and fresh air to come in to a home.  It is common knowledge that hot air rises, and on really hot days this unwanted air could escape through the hole in the ceiling that is provided by an installed skylight. Your reliance on electric energy for lighting and cooling will be reduced therefore lowering your annual utility bills.

If plans are to move to a new neighborhood or part of the country, adding a skylight or two to your property before listing it for sale is a great way to enhance your home’s offerings and make it more enticing to potential buyers. The housing market is still cluttered with low-priced options. Make your home stand out above the rest by featuring skylights, an option that most homes don’t have. Be sure to note in the listing all the wonderful benefits that skylights bring, in addition to the obvious one being light. People may not assume a reduced dependence on energy utilities or venting to allow hot air to escape are the added perks to this home addition, so be clear on everything to help your home shine above the rest.

The addition of roof windows to spaces that have been lived in for years can make homeowners see them through new eyes. It provides a new appreciation for what they already have and a deeper enjoyment of an area in their lives where they spend a significant amount of time. Consider adding them to more than one room perhaps; it’s so easy to do and the benefits are clear to see.