Wondering what happed to the water pressure, where is the water gone? Low water pressure can make it difficult to attend to daily tasks such as washing clothes, watering the yard, cleaning the home or even taking a shower. While replacing the boiler is one effective way of dealing with this problem, it can be an expensive, and often time consuming option. Increasing the water pressure may often seem like an intimidating task. But thankfully, there are a number of solutions to help you increase water pressure without having to spend a lot of money!
How To Improve Water Pressure In Your Home
Here are simple steps to guide you to check where the problem exists:

  • Check faucets that have low water pressure to make sure they are not blocked. You should also inspect your home for water leaks, as leaking water automatically lowers the overall water pressure in all areas of the home.
  • You can try out simple methods before calling a plumber. Try cleaning the filters of the tap as they may be clogged with mud particles. These filters should be cleaned regularly so that the flow of water is not reduced or blocked.
  • In some cases, low water pressure is caused by problems with the pipes or plumbing. Rust or oxidization can clog the pipes.  Also check if the diameter of the pipes is according to the contemporary building codes. If it precedes the standards then probably you may simply have out of date plumbing.
  • One major cause of low water pressure may be that several pipes are attached to one single pipe. So to resolve this problem, you can simply decrease the number of appliances attached to that pipe.

If you suspect this may be the case then call the plumber to inspect your home and see what can be done to replace pipes that are no longer functioning as they should.

  • One reason of low pressure of water in the shower can be due to the blocked inlet or the head of the shower. Try cleaning the inlet and the head of the shower. This will clear the pores and regulate the supply of water to normal.
  • Another good option is to invest in a Salamander Home Boost water pump. Water pumps are reasonably priced and can dramatically increase the supply of water to your home. There are electronic sensors in the pump that activate and protect the pump whatever is the condition of your household plumbing. This particular pump, made by a reputable company, is easy to install and surprisingly quiet. It turns on automatically when the water pressure dips below a certain threshold. Also the company has a highly responsive customer service which caters to customers’ needs from start to end.

If you are not pleased with the water pressure in your home, try the above steps to remedy the problem before splashing out on a new boiler. The solution may be as simple as replacing or fixing problematic faucets and/or shower heads. In other instances, you may need to invest in a pump and/or have a plumber assess your home plumbing. Whatever you do, do not simply put up with watching the water trickle from the sink or bathroom faucet. Low water pressure is an easy, cost effective problem to resolve on a permanent basis using one or more of the solutions outlined above.