If you are looking for ways to cut back on your monthly budget you should seriously consider saving some dough by taking on your dog’s grooming yourself.

Not only is dog grooming important for your dog’s appearance, it is also an important factor in maintaining your dog’s overall health.

Reducing Your Grooming Budget

Regular grooming helps keep your dog’s coat, skin, ears and eyes healthy through the cleaning,

but it also allows you to be aware of any initial signs of concern to bring up with your veterinarian.

While grooming a pet requires skill and patience,

as your dog’s owner you have a serious leg up on the professionals as your dog is already very comfortable with you.

So with some quick research and understanding that you will not produce a best in show the first time around,

you can begin to handle all of your dog’s beauty maintenance yourself and save some serious cash! Check out our tips to helping you become a master doggie-beautician.

1. Study on Techniques

The first and foremost important factor to learning how to groom your dog is to understand how to perform the tasks needed.

Whether it is clipping your dog’s nails, or trimming your dog’s coat, especially the tricky areas like your dog’s face and tail, it is important to know what you are doing.

The best way to feel comfortable and skilled at what you are doing is to learn how to do that.

Immerse yourself in watching grooming videos online, YouTube is a great place to start, or read detailed How-To blogs online.

You can even download eBooks that will show you how to perform your dog’s grooming needs.

2. Stock Up on Supplies

To properly groom your dog you will need tools and supplies.

You will want to have an arsenal of dog shampoo and cleaning supplies, plus the actual tools that will help you perform the needed grooming tasks.

You will definitely want dog nail clippers, scissors and dog coat clippers and you may even want to invest in some new brushes and

even shedding blades to help remove excessive matting depending on the type of dog you have.

3. Find Serenity

The key to a positive grooming session is comfort for the dog. Because your dog is comfortable with you and your home you already are ahead of the game.

The major issue you will need to battle is to ensure you do not have anxiety about the procedures you are about to perform, as your anxiety can lead to your dog becoming uncomfortable.

So help relieve your nerves by making the grooming area as comforting as possible.

Play some soothing music and make sure you and your dog are comfortable and that there is adequate lighting for you to see what you are doing.

After researching on what and how to groom your dog, buying the necessary tools to help you accomplish the grooming and

creating a calming atmosphere for you and your dog it is then about starting small and actually performing the tasks at hand.

Remember, during your first few times to start slow – take a little off at a time, because you can cut more if needed!

Guest author Susan Wright is a veterinarian and dog fence expert. Susan is the lead expert consultant with www.dogfencediy.com.