Looking for new adventures, pay attention to Iceland. This severe land is popular for traveling. Tourists from all over the world come to visit Iceland at any season. It’s not a problem to get there and travel by car. Geysir, Reykjavik can help to pick the best and comfortable car to protect you from cold weather and easily get whenever you need. Iceland is a country of new culture, new location, and rules. There are things you shouldn’t do there! Why do you read this? There are many articles written according to what to do in Iceland. You’d better know what you shouldn’t do!

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Blue Lagoon is the first place all tourists want to visit. Remember one thing: pre order your visit! Don’t drive there hoping for better. The crowds of tourists do the same every day! Everyone wants to get in. That’s why it is recommended to book a place beforehand. It’s not a problem when you have WiFi access or special app on your phone.


You can find a big number of swimming pools and SPAs in Iceland. Of course, you want to visit all of them! You should know that Icelanders are made on hygiene. Don’t get in the pool if you didn’t take a shower beforehand. It is important to take shower before bathing and taking water procedures.


Of course, you used to take bottled water only. This is a good rule for travelers, as you know nothing about the quality of water in the city. But it is not about Iceland. Don’t buy bottled water here. It cannot save your budget. This is a country where you can drink from most lakes and rivers. But don’t drink water from small lakes and rivers that run along the fields and farms. The water from here contains fertilizers that are widely used by local farmers. Anyway, Iceland is a unique country that offers to drink water from every tap.

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Roads in Iceland are unexpectedly different. You can go through the mountains, forests, tunnels. That’s good and really helpful if you have GPS in your car or geolocation on your phone. Watch the road and read the traffic signs. The road troubles have happened because of the road specific condition. Just follow the signs and remember, in your Iceland journey will be safe only if you pay attention to weather and natural road condition.


First of all, driving must be safe. That’s why off road driving is not recommended here, especially for tourists. It is harmful for nature. It takes many years to restore vegetation. Secondly, there are roads in Iceland, so-called F-roads that are bumpy and very rough. You cannot go there on a small car. That’s why off roaders are popular to take for rent in Iceland. So, don’t go off road and don’t rent small cars.

Northern Lights (Iceland)


If you want to see Northern lights, don’t come to Iceland in summer. The best season to see the Lights is autumn and winter. But remember one thing, there is no guarantee you can see it even then. It is better to watch them at night, when it is dark everywhere. Also, it is recommended to drive outside the city when the sky is clean and not windy. It is not difficult to read the forecasts about Northern lights appearing. You can find many of them on the web.


Avoid drinking alcohol on driving! Of course, you shouldn’t drink while driving not only in Iceland. But in this country the law is very strict. The alcohol content is allowed to be no more than 0.03%. No matter where, on the city or village road, you’ll be finned and even can lose your driving license.

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It’s difficult to find another popular way of traveling than ferry. Being there, take your chance to move from island to island by ferry or on a small boats. There are special excursions that suppose using ferry to pass the Arctic circle or something. You can read more information about ferry excursions on the web. Just don’t miss such a great chance to make a sea voyage!

Finally, more about local driving. Don’t drive like locals do! Never forget to use turning lights, be polite and keep the road rules. Driving in Reykjavik and territory around is not easy. Just keep calm and give enough space to drivers. Oh, it is prohibited to talk phone on driving, not use lights, or race on the road. You can see locals who often do that! Don’t follow them! Just be careful and enjoy your driving. Your car…pick the car depending on where you are going to go. There are many roads, where driving small cars is dangerous.