Starting over somewhere else, particularly in a faraway place like the land ‘’down under’’ can be quite intimidating. Moving is a life-changing experience, especially if you are about to take off into the unknown. No friends or family over there to help out or to share a word of advice can cause a serious headache, starting from accommodation and followed by other important details, like specifics of living there or local dos and don’ts. Fortunately, in the era of the Internet, it is fairly easy to do the research and get the picture of your future setting. Countless available information and other people’s experiences can make things easier in coming up with a thorough plan, while this article aims to help you out with your biggest anxiety – accommodation.

Before you land

Finding the right place to stay is difficult, especially if you are looking for accommodation online. Before you book a flight, consider finding short-term accommodation first. It will give you the chance to explore the city on foot and to check out the suburbs. You will be able to get the know how the public transport works as well as the distances between certain locations if you plan to drive. Also, you’ll get the picture of the city dynamics, daily expenses and other stuff that can help you decide where you want to settle. Short term accommodation can last a week or few months, only remember that most of these rental rooms require minimum stay period.

City or the suburbs?

Sydney is a beautiful city, but when it comes to renting, it is really expensive. Be prepared to spend around 40% of your income on accommodation. However, prices vary in different neighborhoods, so logically, the inner city will be more costly than living in the suburbs. Still, keep in mind that not all suburbs are cheap, but they do get cheaper if you look for real estates further to the west. Know that depending on your income and lifestyle, you can find the perfect place for you, same as the ways to save some money by sharing a flat. Know that rents and salaries are calculated weekly in Australia, and be ready to pay a rental deposit in the amount of two to four weeks. Majority of rented out apartments will exclude utility bills, so calculate in additional expenses.

Moving to Sydney? What Are Your Accommodation Options

Smooth transition

As mentioned earlier, a smart move would be finding a temporary accommodation from where you can start your search for your new home. There are plenty of options for finding a place to stay, but to play it safe, go to reliable websites where you can book a room. You can look for some budget hotels since there is a great number of cheap hotels all over the city and near CBD (Central Business District). Use sites like Expedia or to find nice hotels with reasonable prices. Also, make use of Airbnb, since it can be more convenient than a hotel, including kitchen, washer, TV, Internet, etc. Moreover, hosts are usually very friendly and can share a lot of helpful information about the area, as well as few good tips.

Shared accommodation

While you are searching for a place to stay long-term, you can choose money saving options to cut down on your expenses. Consider finding a place that you can share with flatmates. Search the websites like, or Gumtree, since there is a great number of rental flats as well as hundreds of people who look for accommodation. If you register, you can see contact details of people who look for roommates at the moment. Finding a good roommate can help you during this transitional period, for they can give you some useful information or to simply keep you company.

Rental properties

If you have figured out which suburb will you go to, as well as what are your preferences, it is time to go to local property rental sites or to find a real estate agent. Visit property rental sites like Domain or Real Estate as they can be the great starting point for finding a perfect match. Looking for long term accommodation in Australia can be wearing, due to the constant demand for rentals and the fact that listings change on a daily basis. It is necessary to check rental property ads every day and to act quickly.

Be careful

There is plenty of rental scams out there, especially when you look for property online. Scammers are very skillful and convincing, but there are ways to avoid this kind of unpleasantries. Keep in mind that when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Be careful with Facebook property rental groups as well as direct emails from a strange person who offers you an unbelievably good deal. Usually, scammers will claim that they are overseas and ask you to pay upfront, before you inspect the property, of course.


Although moving is always stressful, one does not get to know the world by staying in one place forever, nor is being safe from the turmoils that life inevitably brings. Do your homework and research all there is about it. Plan your steps well, but be prepared for mishaps. Rely on your gut feeling and stay away from fishy deals. Then again, have enough faith to keep a positive mindset, pack your bags and go.