Gone are the days, when people travelling in all classes on Indian trains had to rely upon those foods served by the in-train caterers or the vendors selling on the platform. Both are found to be made of poor quality ingredients, badly cooked and not at all hygienic. There were many instances of people complaining about poor quality food being served on trains and even a good number of them falling sick, facing death.

Food in Train

Need for good food during train travel

Although with time, the trains have been modernized and the coal based engines have been replaced with diesel and electric ones, the journey is still a long one and may take a day or more, depending upon the location to be covered. Carrying along home cooked food for such long distances can be practically impossible, as it is bound to get spoilt due to changing temperature and weather patterns of the region that the train passes by. At the same time, it is not possible for the travelers including the seniors, children, pregnant women and those who are sick to reach their destination starving. This will only create further problems. A better option here will be to avail Food in Train from one of the reputed portals.

Emergence of online portals

The advent of high speed internet connectivity, websites and apps has given tremendous opportunities to entrepreneurs to take train journey to a whole new level. They have leveraged this advanced science and technology to reach out to people in general and those travelling to different cities by trains and provide them with good food. These portals have partnered with several caterers and restaurants of repute, located along the different routes, throughout the country. This means, the passenger travelling to any part of the country, by any train and route will be able to access different types of food and order something of his choice. All this is done by using app provided by the portal that is to be downloaded on the smartphone. The ordering process is real quick and just takes couple of seconds. The only time taken will be to identify the type of food that is to be ordered out of the huge numbers present and the station where the food needs to be served. Once identified, the desired food will be served at the specified station, real hot and delicious.

Be it for a single person or an entire group, food is served by the portal with great delight. They also maintain very high quality and offer good, hygienic, tasty food in good quantity and neatly foil packed to ensure it does not get spoilt, if the passenger feels to have it later on. It can be safely stated that the online portals are termed to be a boon for all type of passengers and ensure that remain full and satisfied throughout the journey.

But care should be taken to research on the portal and choose the one that has got good reviews and strong recommendations from its users.