Traveling in a caravan is an enjoyable way to take an inexpensive vacation with all of the creature comforts of home. Before going on a holiday this summer, spend a bit of time and ensure that you have everything that you need for a successful trip. You vehicle should be well stocked, in good mechanical order, and fully insured.

Secure Essential Supplies

Before traveling anywhere with a caravan, ensure that you will have everything you need for the journey. While purchasing other items later is normally possible, most people do not take vacations to run errands. So make sure you include a variety of basic supplies, food, safety equipment, and other miscellaneous items.

Some of the essential supplies do not go inside the caravan. The tow car should have towing mirrors and a hitch with the necessary electrical connections. Tow mirrors are elongated and extended mirrors that will allow the motorists to monitor their blind spots and reverse the vehicle without causing a collision.

Road flares, a filled spare tire, and a charged fire extinguisher are also necessary. An extensive array of maps or a device capable of satellite navigation should also be available.

What any particular person will need will vary from person to person. At an absolute minimum, all owners should have secure water and waste containers and the necessary piping to connect them to the vehicle’s systems. Other hygiene products, like hand soap, shampoo, and bleach will always be necessary.

You should always bring chocks for the wheels, even if the chocks are as simple section of wood. A first aid kit should also be present in addition to extra medication.

If the caravan does not already have a generator, purchase or rent one prior to traveling. Have all dishes and utensils before setting out; most dishes and utensils can be disposable, but you should also include several metal cooking pots and pans. Take spare chairs, bedding and pillows with you on the journey; sleeping bags are relatively uncomfortable and may be lost or stolen. If the trip will be an extended tour, bring a clothesline for laundry and entertainment, such as a television or computer with wireless Internet access.

Perform a Vehicle Inspection

Before taking the caravan out on the road, ensure that it is both roadworthy and habitable. The taillights should work while it is connected to the vehicle’s electrical connection. Check all tire pressures to ensure that the tires are neither under inflated nor overinflated; the same test should be performed for the towing vehicle.

All the utilities and on-board appliances should function as needed. Make sure the sink’s faucet and all utility items are working properly. If the vehicle is mechanically sound, ensure that the contents are equally secure.


Before taking a caravan on a journey, ensure that the vehicle is insured for any losses. While most people will have an enjoyable vacation that is free of any major issues, some will become the victims of theft, fire or collision. If the vehicle is seriously damaged, getting it back home can be an ordeal even before one considers the lost value of assets.

There are many different types of insurance available. Some insurance providers offer a comprehensive package of insurance policies specifically for caravan owners and there are sites such as, Monkey Insurance, where you can shop on line. Owners should ensure that they hold a liability policy that covers the caravan along with a policy for accidental damage, personal injury, and theft.

Separate policies may be required to insure against fire or storm damage, but are well worthwhile; caravans that have been in storage for years may no longer have intact seals or valves. Many insurance packages will include coverage for fire, flood and wind damage, but not all will. Before taking a trip, ensure that your vehicle is fully covered.

When setting out on a tour this year, make certain that your vehicle is squared away. As with any journey, travelers will want an array of necessary equipment and additional supplies in the event of an emergency. To avoid any unexpected difficulties, travelers should only use a mechanically sound vehicle that is properly insured. With adequate precautions, touring in a caravan is one way to experience new areas and take a vacation while retaining all the comforts of one’s own home.

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Freelance writer, Kelly Kovacic loves to travel and researches the latest information on insurance topics to help out those who are touring. She recommends you cover yourself while driving a caravan in the UK, and make sure you have the right insurance, supplies and safety gear. She recently visited the website of Monkey Insurance, where it is easy to shop on line and compare UK premiums and policies to protect you on your trip.