As per the mechanism of the body, every organ is provided with a task, and it needs to work accurately to keep the body fit and fine. However, due to many reasons some of the organs cannot perform the task as expected and in such case, the person feels sick and need the right treatment from the expert. The health issue with the Aortic Valve is also one of such diseases only.

Repair carried out on the aortic valve, and replacement of aortic valve tends to be the methods used to take care of diseases impacting the aortic valve. This valve is one of the four valves meant to control the flow of blood via the heart. These aortic valves maintain the flow of blood all through your heart. These valves segregate the chief pumping chamber called as the left ventricle from the key artery which is used to supply blood rich in oxygen towards right course via your heart.

A Disease Present During The Birth

Given every contraction about the ventricle, this aortic valve gets opened, and this permits blood to enter into the aorta from the pumping chamber- the left ventricle. As soon as this ventricle loosens up, this aortic valve shuts to stop the flow of blood backward into this ventricle. As it happens this aortic valve does not function correctly; it can get in the way of the flow of blood and forces a person’s heart to exert even more to supply required blood towards the other parts of the body.

In a lot of people, the disease regarding aortic valve does not show any symptoms for a number of years. Some people show signs of pain in the chest, exertion, shortness of breath, heart failure, irregular heartbeat, loss of consciousness, and sudden cardiac death.

Replacement of aortic valve or repair of the aortic valve can take care of disease concerning aortic valve and assist the normal restoration of flow of blood, minimize signs, extend life and also aid to care for the work of the muscles of the heart. You need not worry because aortic valve replacement cost in India is now affordable.


  • Valvuloplasty
  • Annuloplasty

Reasons for doing it

The treatment required for aortic valve disease necessarily is dependent upon the intensity of the patient’s condition if there are some signs of the disease or not, and in case the patient’s condition worsens further.

Kinds of aortic valve disease that need treatment

Aortic valve regurgitation

Such condition happens as the flow of blood tends backward by means of the aortic valve into the pumping chamber – the left ventricle- every now and then the ventricle loosens up, in place of the usual single direction towards the aorta from this ventricle. The reasons responsible for backflow can be due to dysfunctional or some kind of leaky valve. It may come about because of the deterioration found in this valve, some sort of abnormal shape of valve present during birth called as congenital heart disease or it can be caused by some bacterial infection.