Although sometimes considered as part of the Atlantic, the Mediterranean Sea is a body of water that connects to the Atlantic Ocean and is almost entirely surrounded by land. As a matter of fact, the name Mediterranean comes from a Latin word, mediterraneus, which translates to inland or remote from coast. The Mediterranean coastline harbors many beaches, some of which are ranked among the best tourist destinations in Europe, and even the world. This is not an coincidence as Mediterranean area is characterized by warm and pleasant climate, wonderfully preserved nature, good food and exquisite wine. Below we will introduce you to top 5 Mediterranean beaches you ought to visit and experience yourself.

Navagio Beach (Greece)

Navagio Beach Greece
Image source: Pixabay

Located in the Ionian Islands of Greece, Navagio Beach, also known as the Shipwreck Beach or the Smugglers Cove, is one of the best travel destinations in the Mediterranean. Thousands of tourists visit the northwest shore of Zakynthos annually, mostly attracted by the clear blue waters, charming white sands and beautiful limestone cliffs. The beach offers a lot of attractions, which are best experienced by boat tours, departing from the northeast at Agios Nikolaos and from the south from Porto Vromi.

Sveti Stefan Beach (Montenegro)

Sveti Stefan Montenegro
Image source: Pixabay

Sveti Stefan Beach in Montenegro, is also one of the most famous beaches along the Mediterranean coast. This pink shaded sandy beach shares a coastline with other popular beaches, namely the Milocer Beach and the Queen’s Beach. Formerly an island, Sveti Stefan is now connected to the mainland with a bridge and is a host to a 5-star hotel managed by the international group of Aman Resorts. The hotel is also renowned for great accommodation and resort facilities, both for local and international tourists.

Oludeniz Beach (Turkey)

Oludeniz Beach
Image source: Pinterest

Oludeniz Beach is characterized by still waters that remain calm even during the storms. The name translates to Blue Lagoon. Oludeniz is a small beach resort located on the southwestern coast of Turkey, in Mugla Province. With a secluded sandy bay on a blue lagoon, Oludeniz beach is one of the most preferred beaches by photographers, due to its beauty. This Turkish beach also has some unique features such is aquamarine and turquoise shades of water, that attract quite a substantial number of tourists on annual basis.

Baia Delle Zagare (Italy)

Baia delle Zagare
Image source: Flickr

Enclosed in an elegant pristine bay in Italy, the Baia Delle Zagare is a wonderful beach that’s characterized by gravely limestone cliffs and clear pebbles along its 1 km long coastline. The beach can be accessed through the Baia Delle Zagare hotel, as well as other resorts like Vieste, Peschici and Mattinata. The area is also surrounded by many other attraction sites, like popular Episcopal Palace and the cathedral with famous Abbey of Santa Maria. There is plenty more to see here, especially for those who are interested in cultural vestiges of the old Europe.

Zlatni Rat Beach (Croatia)

Zlatni Rat Croatia
Image source: Pixabay

Located in Croatia, more precisely in the Dalmatian area, Zlatni Rat Beach is another renowned and highly praised Mediterranean beach. It can be found just about 2 km west of Bol, a popular harbor town on the southern coast of the Brac Island. The beach sometimes also goes by name of Golden Cape or the Golden Horn, due to its uniquely shaped shores. Zlatni Rat is characterized by warm and clear surrounding waters, mostly thanks to its good position. One of the most interesting things is that this beach often change its shape due to the influence of sea waves and the wind. Aside from that, nature surrounding this beach is lush and well preserved. So further exploration of the island is more than encouraged. Since it’s located on an island resort, it can be accessed by taxi boats, or one of many yacht charter services along the Croatian coast.

Mediterranean shores are always pleasure to visit and explore. Its welcoming waters and beautifully preserved nature should be invitation enough. But if you also take into consideration well known hospitality of the locals, as well as strong cultural heritage of these parts of Europe, you’ll understand why so many people choose to spend their vacation days here.