Dubai is undeniably the wonderland of Middle-east, replete with tall flashy buildings and a stunning skyline it is one of the most popular cities in UAE. On your trip to Dubai, one of the best ways to explore the Arabian culture is by setting out for an Evening Safari. Treat yourself to the luxury of dune bashing. Race across the vast expanses of the red and Hummer dunes and pump up your adrenaline for some real adventurous action.

Must Try Adventures on Your Dubai Safari

Make the most of your Dubai trip with these Desert Safari Dubai Deals. These safari deals are an excellent combination of adventure and entertainment.

Quad Biking


Rent out a quad bike for half an hour and zip across the sandy terrains. This serves for an exhilarating safari experience as trained safari drivers take you out for a fun motor ride.

Sand Boarding

Take a trip down to the Rub’al Khali Desert and get set conquering the wild sand waves. The best time for sand boarding is during dusk, glide up and down the desert and bask in the warmth of the setting sun.

Hot-Air Balloon Ride

Drift high up into the sky and catch a splendid view of the Arabian Desert. Experience a magical ride across the sand dunes and witness the spectacular desert wildlife comprising of gazelles and camels. Set out for a morning safari and feel the cool dawn breeze. This one-hour long tour takes you over the Hajar Mountains, red sand dunes, and Dubai Skyline.

Dinner and Barbecue at Desert

This is a must on your evening safari bucket list. After a day-long adventure trail, in the evening settle down to watch stunning entertainment shows at the camp site. Enjoy belly-dancing, fire juggling, and Tanoura dance shows. Savour a hearty buffet meal and complimentary drinks. Nothing compares to the joy of having freshly barbecued meat sitting by beautiful sand dunes and watching the local cultural extravaganza of the place.


Camel Safari

A trip to Dubai remains incomplete as long as you don’t ride the ship of the desert. Enjoy a beautiful 30/45 minutes ride across the Al Sahara Desert. With special camel ride tour packages, you can watch the sunset while sipping on sparkling date juice. Visit the traditional Bedouin camp and enjoy a private royal desert retreat.


Experience Dubai through the ultimate Desert Safari Voyage

On your, Desert Safari Dubai Deal camp in the desert on the night and feel enamoured by the splendid beauty of the Dubai Night sky. The desert safaris in Dubai have a lot to offer, starting with fun adventure activities to calm and peaceful cultural retreats. The safaris are a great way to explore this beautiful land of sand dunes, artificial islands, and rich Arabic culture.