With thousand of iPhone apps and iPhone app development company out there, it is quite a challenge to create an app that will not only be attractive and appreciated but also is useful for the users. An iPhone app development company knows about the struggles connected to such a process but also knows its rewards as well. Here are some tips for iPhone app development that you must never forget.

1. Be a part of the Apple Developer Program

A mobile app developer that wishes to make apps for iOS must subscribe to the Apple Developer Program right in the starting phase of application development because that will allow an iPhone app development company to get in touch with their customers who are in different parts of the world. In addition to this, it gives you access to many of Apple’s resources and support for building good apps. The benefits that can be derived from this membership includes advanced app capabilities, access to app analytics, and extensive beta testing tools.

2. Understanding of Objective-C and Swift

Swift is more widely used than Objective-C because it is a more recent programming language. But this should not avoid you from learning how to work with Objective-C because most of the native iOS applications are written in Objective-C. There is nothing wrong with knowing both the languages, it is only going to help you during the process of creating an app. There is a list of other programming languages, but learning these two languages is extremely important and can come in handy anytime.

3. Acceptance of your idea and receiving feedback

Making sure your idea is accepted, considering various key factors for its success could save you the money, time, effort spent on a bad app idea. iOS app development is a costly affair, so it is important to check whether the app can be successful within a competitive market and can create enough revenue. So try feedback from friends, family and other users and people you may know just to check if it is worth launching an app based on the idea you have. This should be carried out throughout the iOS app development process.

4. Follow Apple’s rules and regulations

You should know that Apple is very strict concerning the quality of the apps in their app store. Only high-quality apps with great features are accepted, so for every app to be allowed into the app store, it needs to pass the quality standards set by Apple. And the process is time-consuming. If the app gets rejected, the developer may have to schedule extra time for correcting the mistakes. It is advised that enough importance should be given to Apple’s guidelines during development.

5. User interface and engagement

The way an application looks and operates is important to its success. If an iOS app doesn’t look and perform well in comparison to its rivals, then the user won’t bother to learn more about what features the app has. Make sure the user interface has to justify design elements. In case it doesn’t add value to the app, eliminate it.

The majority of iOS application downloaded to mobile devices are just used once and deleted. The primary reason for this is that it is not engaging enough for the users. To make it engaging and interesting, you can try adding features like gamifying, embedding social media, etc. and also offering points for unlocking different achievements and rewarding users in order to engage them.

6. Customer support

Not every smartphone user is tech savvy. An application’s customer support will answer user’s question within hours or even in seconds. Just one proper answer can lead to a sale or an app recommendation. In case, you get the same questions from different clients, it would be more convenient to create an FAQ section for them. As for individual queries, you can hire people for that.

7. High-performance

You must have come across apps that are too slow and crashes often, or just freezes. You probably wouldn’t like to use that app again. If any application takes lots of time to load, it is eventually ditched by the users. A well-performing application takes approximately 5 seconds to load. There are some complex applications like Facebook which take more time to load as these apps have a large amount of data. However, applications should be high-performing and consistent to be widely accepted by the users.

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Keval Padia is a Founder & CEO at Nimblechapps, a fast-growing game development company that also offer service to hire android app developer. The current innovation and updates of the field lure him to express his views and thoughts on certain topics.