Whether you enjoy fly fishing, traditional rod & reel fishing or even deep–sea fishing, there is somewhere gorgeous to go fishing wherever you are in the world. When planning your next fishing adventure here are 4 gorgeous places to visit.

Corbett National Park, India

The gorgeous Ramganga River in Corbett National Park is home to some of the most popular fishing in India. You are required to obtain a permit from the Divisional Forest Officer, so don’t forget to arrange that before you start fishing. This river is home to Goonch, Mahseer, and Brown Trout, in addition to other fish. Because this fishing area is in a national park, the atmosphere is peaceful and allows you to truly connect with nature.

Kenai, Alaska

When choosing the best fishing spots, who could forget Alaska? Kenai is home Red, Silver, and King Salmon as well as Rainbow Trout. Kenai provides you with a full back-to-nature experience, including river trips to areas that you can’t access by walking, wildlife sightings, and breath-taking views. You can choose from the Upper and Middle Kenai rivers. This area is only accessible from May to September, so plan accordingly.

River Fergus, Ireland

While not as well known, trout fishing in Ireland is amazing. The natural scenery and the plentiful fish in the River Fergus makes any fish trip there prosperous. The River Fergus flows through 7 different lakes, many of which are Brown Trout fisheries. The fish in the river and surrounding lakes average 1 lb., with many over 2 lbs. being caught every year. With fishing season from February to September and trout fishing not requiring a permit, this is a really fun trip to take.

Sacramento River, CA

Rising from high in the Klamath Mountains, the Sacramento River is the largest river in California, traveling 400 miles through Northern California to empty into the San Francisco Bay. The Sacramento River is also home to the biggest freshwater fish in all North America – the white sturgeon. White sturgeon have been known to reach more than 20 feet in length and can grow to an incredible 1500 pounds. Because the white sturgeon can also swim in saltwater, the gateway between fresh and salt water is a perfect locale for this aquatic behemoth.

No matter what kind of fishing you enjoy, there is something for you wherever you are. Make sure you check online before you go to find what fishing equipment or permits are required for a certain area. Don’t be afraid to try something new and find a new favorite place.