In order to have healthy hair and nails we should take care of what we eat every day. Certain type of food can have a great impact on our appearance, so we should definitely focus on eating more healthy food every day. Here is a list of the best foods for healthy hair and nails that you should add to your food list.

The Best Foods For Healthy Hair And Nails


Blueberries can help you boost your skin, hair and nails because they are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. They are also the perfect food for improving your body’s immune system.


Eggs are loaded with protein, vitamin D and biotin. Biotin is of great importance for creating keratin, so if the level of biotin in your body is pretty low, then you for sure have weak hair and nails.


Salmon also consist of biotin, protein and omega-3 fatty acids which promote healthier scalp and thus gives you a healthy hair. The omega-3s are really beneficial for your nails too.


Almonds are rich in protein and magnesium which promote healthy hair and stronger nails. Magnesium is also known as an anti-stress mineral and we are all familiar with the fact that stress can be one of the greatest reasons for hair loss.

Brazil Nuts

Besides almonds, Brazil nuts are also really good for your hair and nails. Eat 6-8 Brazil nuts every day and you will notice the effect they have on your hair and nails.


Beer is rich in silicon which promotes circulation to the scalp. It can make it look more voluminous and it can stimulate the hair growth.

Whey Protein

Your hair needs protein to produce keratin and thus make it stronger. So, make sure to add a scoop of whey protein to your morning smoothie.

The above foods will for sure give your nails and hair a boost, so make sure to eat them more often.