Just about nearly all women in the modern world will be aware of what hair extensions are and what they can do to wonderfully enhance the good looks of any female. But how are these types of extensions attached?

As you may already know, some extensions are known as “hair weaves”, and can be made of real or synthetic hair that are firmly fitted to the scalp, adding extra length and thickness to natural hair. There are different types of fastening hair extensions, a number of which last longer than the others.

What Hair Extensions Are There and Which Type Should I Choose?

And More Benefits

  • When they are mixed in colour and texture, and applied by a professional stylist in extensions and keratin hair treatment in Perth, they will blend and combine naturally with hair, making it difficult to tell that a woman has them.
  • They also provide extra volume, extends hair, and add highlights or lowlights.
  • If taken proper care of, top quality extensions can last for a about a year before needing removal.

Application Techniques

  • Hair extensions can be attached by different methods, all depending on things such as hair type, how much is added, budget, and lifestyle.
  • If large quantities of hair are wished for, or the hair is wanted for a long time, a professional hair stylist with the expert experience in hair extensions, should be considered and consulted.


  • This method normally includes longer strands of hair that can be up to 6 inches (15.24 cm) long.
  • An adhesive bond is applied to the hair’s roots before an extension is attached, and is a relatively quick method not lasting anywhere as long as other fittings.

Shrink and Micro Links

  • Longer lasting extensions can be applied to hair via the use of metal rings or keratin tubes.
  • Using this kind of procedure, hair is attached to a small ring or tube, and then clamped to real hair.
  • This is a favoured method, because of minimal damage to one’s natural hair, and no bond that might irritate sensitive skin is utilised. This sort is usually not for those with fine hair.


  • An exclusive kind of glue is used to attach the extensions with real hair.
  • Small sections of hair can be joined together via this technique.
  • Hot fusion involves braiding an extension into natural hair and afterwards bonding them back together with a special wax adhesive.


  • Natural looking hair extensions are sewn into the hair.
  • The hair is braided firmly next to the scalp in rows, and the weft then sewn into the braid.
  • This method can take time, because the person’s own hair has to be braided first, but many who have had the treatment claim it as the best.
  • This style is slightly more expensive, but lasts a long time.

Now you know the type, which on takes your fancy? And remember to use experienced professionals to make your hair look just the way you’ve always known it could look!