Even if your face isn’t your fortune – it’s your face, and it’s what you present on a daily basis to the rest of the world. Naturally, you want to look as good as possible and to show your best aspect to the world. Who wouldn’t?

Beauty nerds will already know about this stuff, but I’m targeting those girls that are interested in beauty, but perhaps don’t have all that much time to devote to their outer gorgeousness. If a slick of lip balm, pulling a comb through your hair and spray of scent is all that constitutes your beauty routine before leaving the house, I am:

a) Extremely jealous

b) Busting to tell you about all these time saving semi-permanent make-up procedures

Beauty routines are real time thieves and whilst it’s enormous fun experimenting with new products and techniques, checking out fresh things to enhance our looks, there’s no denying the fact that it can take ages. Agreed, it’s awesome spending the evening with gal-pals, sharing make up tips, doing each other up to the nines and going overboard on the selfies, but what about when you’re racing to catch the early train on a wet Monday morning? Buying yourself a few more minutes in bed wouldn’t go amiss, would it?

Boost Your Beauty With New Tattoo Techniques

This is where I introduce you to the wonderful world of semi-permanent make-up…

Belle of the brows

I don’t know about you, but there have been times recently when I’ve been scrutinising celebrities on TV or online and asking myself: ‘What did she do? Has she had something done?’ Only to read later that the person in question has had their eyebrows tattooed. This relatively new, but very popular beauty technique can be obtained at www.bluebellaestheticswirral.co.uk, and although a tad more expensive than your average eyebrow pencil, the results are brilliant. For those of us with sparse eyebrows suffering from teen over-pluck, the new fashion for bolder brows is a challenge. Ages spent facing the mirror, filling in and shaping our brows with pencils, powders, brushes and gels can add significant time onto our already lengthy beauty routines – so any procedure that puts an end to such diva-drudgery is welcome.

So what is it?

A tattooed brow involves lightly filling in with a tattoo pen onto the upper dermis of your skin, fine brush strokes that look like hairs. For lifting and defining the eye area this beauty treatment is unbeatable. If you feel your face lacks balance or your eyes are droopy, or if you just feel like a sleeker, more streamlined and shapely set of brows would boost your confidence, then semi-permanent eyebrow make-up is a serious consideration. Those who have had the treatment at www.bluebellaestheticswirral.co.uk say it doesn’t hurt and it looks fantastic. It is recommended that tattoos are topped up six weeks after initial treatment, then annually to boost natural fade.

Eyes on you

Semi permanent make-up such as eyeliner and lash enhancers are another area where tattoo techniques work well. Achieve that seductive feline appearance with upward sweeping permanent eyeliner on upper and lower lids. Alternatively, you could have a more subtle but equally flattering line that gives a more natural look. Your eye-shape and skin tone is always taken into consideration so that any semi-permanent make up fits your look perfectly. This technique is available at www.bluebellaestheticswirral.co.uk and means total liberation from the eyeliner pencil. Touch up appointments will be necessary occasionally, but overall your appearance will be permanently enhanced and your make-up regime considerably simplified.

Lip service

Okay, so we’ve made your brows and eyes gorgeous, let’s look at making your mouth look equally good. As we get older, small wrinkles and lines start to creep in around our lips making them less plump and defined in appearance. When you get your lip line tattooed you’ll no longer have to struggle with a lip pencil getting an even curve to your mouth. A light colour wash can be added too, which livens up your complexion without looking unnatural.

The popularity of semi-permanent make-up treatments, whether it’s for brows, eyes or lips, is testament enough to its success as a beauty boost. The key is to find skilled beauty professionals with expertise in the techniques involved, combined with a willingness to accommodate your own personal preferences. You may want a natural, fresh look, or a bolder, more intense effect– it’s your face, and it is up to you to make your preferences clear.

So there you have the perfect beauty boost that not only looks good, it shortens your make-up routine. Giving you all the more time to enjoy those compliments…