Makeup is food for the eyes if done correctly. It not only illuminates ones external beauty but a sense of fashion as well. The trends in the beauty industry keep changing over time but the following makeup tips are constant and universal and can be applied to a variety of situations.

1. Application of the eye liner

Applying this lining to the inner rim of the eye distinguishes the eye from the rest of the facial features. Colors bring out the uniqueness of the eye for instance for a subtle or calm look go for brown eye liners where as to achieve a dramatic feel apply the black eye liner. Go for hues that complement facial skin.

2. Applying mascara

This is one of the favorite makeup ideas for girls. Mascara should be applied on both upper and lower eye lashes. As for color, brown or dark mascara is universal and recommended for every season makeup. For those who do not fancy mascara, use curlers to curl the eye lash for a beautiful and attractive look.

3. Using foundations

Foundations are only meant for covering indifferences in skin tone and coupled with concealers can bring out a radiant face. Too much foundation makes you appear look older than you actually are and in a worst case scenario, is hurtful to the skin pores.

4. Lip liner

The lip liner can be used to achieve a good finish around the lips in the contour shape of Cupid’s bow. This is most noticeable when applied to the upper lip contrary to what a majority of ladies do by applying lip stick straight across the lips and leaving it at that; it makes you look older than you actually are.

5. Exfoliation

Skin cells die with time and as such, it makes no sense to apply makeup over dead cells and this is why exfoliating is important. Though it is not necessary to apply it every day, it is helpful if done occasionally especially on areas that always seem to be dry. It provides the makeup with a new canvas to operate on.

6. Cleaning the face

For optimum results from application of makeup, it is important to wash your face clean before applying any make up. Washing should be done with either cold or lukewarm water; hot water leaves the skin susceptible to irritation. When drying the face after washing, pat it softly with the drying towel instead of scrubbing as this loosens the facial skin.

7. Bronzers

Bronzers can create shimmer due to their warm attribute if applied appropriately. Proper application of bronzer should involve use of puffy brushes that spreads it evenly across the face. What makes this make up method universal is that it has the ability to make the face glow even in poor lighting conditions such as night clubs or night parties.

8. Applying eye primer

Eye primer makes the colors of eye makeup attractive and vibrant which is why it is essential to begin by first applying it before any other eye makeup such as eye shadow. It is one of the best makeup ideas for girls because it helps eye makeup last long in the face and prevents them from smudging all over even in the later stages of the day.

9. Put on makeup according to skin type

The appearance of makeup not only depends on the manner in which you apply it but the skin type as well. If for instance, you have an oily skin it is best to first apply powder over the face by use of a buffing brush before applying any other makeup because it prevents the oil from smudging off makeup later in the day.

10. Foundation

Foundation can help align the pores of the skin prior to the application of any makeup. For those with enlarged pores for instance, the pores they could use Vaseline jelly to create a more natural look when makeup is applied. If you do not fancy foundation, you could alternatively use creams or moisturizers for the same effect.

11. Create a smokey finish

Smokey eyes are attractive and appealing particularly if done with a color that complements the facial skin. Using a darker shade around the edges of the eye lid can create that spooky eye effect without compromising on other makeup in and around the face region. As a finishing touch, it is imperative to blend the color of both upper and lower eye lids in a more natural way.


Makeup is meant to enhance beauty, which is why it is important to get it right. Even though there are advanced techniques of applying them, the above are the most basic tips any girl or woman should know or better yet, master. They apply to virtually everyone, occasion or season of fashion.