More than 16 million Americans are reported to have rosacea as per the National Rosacea Society. Rosacea is one of the chronic skin conditions that most people will have to deal with. Its major symptoms include facial redness, dilated blood vessels, acne-like bumps, blushing, eye irritation and thickened skin. In other instances, the nose can swell accompanied by eye irritation. In addition rosacea mostly affects women with fair-skin who are between the 30 to 50 years, and if your parents had it, there’s a higher chance you’ll get it too. Unfortunately it seems no cure is available for the direct cause but one could do something so as to prevent the condition. Here are top 9 tips for avoid rosacea on face:

1. Learn your triggers

Avoid trigger foods and beverages such as alcohol and spicy food. Other triggers include extreme cold or heat, stress and to some of the skin care products can trigger a flare up of rosacea. According to a survey conducted on 502 women with rosacea in 2003 by National Rosacea Society revealed that hot peppers topped the list of trigger foods. Some of these triggers can be avoided but other may be hard to avoid.

You can minimize the symptoms by having a cool shower or clean your face gently with rosacea skin care products. About alcohol, there is no truth to the myth that excess alcohol can cause rosacea. However, alcohol causes dehydration, which can shrink skin pores, making it easier for the skin pores to clog. Clogging of the skin spores are the precursors of one developing rosacea and skin infection. In addition alcohol can lead to poor sleep or sleep disturbances, which increases stress and can trigger rosacea. Remember, it’s good to avoid alcohol if you want to avoid ruddy skin.

2. Moisturize

Using a moisturizer is one of remedy for combating rosacea. Most dermatologist recommend the daily usage of moisturizer because it help form a barrier, which keep away irritants and can help in keeping symptoms at bay. However, when you choose the wrong moisturizer you can make the red spots on skin worse. Therefore, try to pick a moisturizer that is fragrance free, oil free and hypoallergenic.

3. Use gentle cleansers

Similar to moisturizer, if you make the wrong choice when choosing a cleanser it can affect your rosacea. Avoid cleansers, which are harsh as they can worsen the rosacea. Most dermatologist recommend people not to use products, which contain retinods or salicylic acid as they worsen the condition. Avoid scrubbing as a routine skin care remedy for rosacea.

4. Skip the facials

Facials tend to make your rosacea worse so you need to avoid them because they irritate the skin, as a result severely aggravates rosacea. Therefore it is advised to seek consultation from your dermatologist if you are looking for other skin care ways to rejuvenate your skin and have that smoother and a youthful look.

5. Extreme hot and cold weather

Similar to using steamy beverage, an extreme hot weather can also dilate your blood vessels, leaving you rosy cheeked. In addition, sunlight irritates the skin of most people who have rosacea this is according to a nonprofit organization called International Rosacea Foundation. Also, cold weather can make your skin pores clog much easier hence adding more harm to the sufferers of rosacea.

6. Stimulants

The red spots on skin are another reason to reduce the intake of caffeinated drinks, excessive sugar and cigarettes. All these tend to dilate your blood vessels and bring about that ruddy skin. In addition, they make you sweat more and this can clog your pores and also increase stress by stimulating the nervous system.

7. Use sunscreen every day

The importance of sunscreen cannot be over emphasized for any type of skin either oily or dry. Regular use of sunscreens has been recommended by most dermatologist and more so on rosacea sufferers. However, choosing or getting the perfect sunscreen for people with rosacea is not a walk in the park because most sunscreens available in the market are quite greasy. Also, make sure you use it regularly.

8. Choose makeup carefully

The use of makeup can be done so as to cover up ruddy cheeks, it can also worsen the symptoms of rosacea. Make sure you choose a makeup, which is mineral-based makeup. Choose fragrance-free because it will cause less skin irritation.

9. Take care of all your skin

There are multiple things that injure or harm our skin daily; some of the injuries we might not be aware of. Remember these exposures to our skin are life long such as ultraviolet radiation, frequently rubbing and touching of the skin, aging and poor skin hygiene are some of the factors that harm or injure your skin. Therefore, taking good care of our skin should be priority.


When you need to avoid rosacea on your face, then you need to follow the above tips they will really help you.