As a hobby, many people see travelling as something that is more like an escaping way out of their daily routines. However, many traveller junkies want to be something they call as “serious traveller”. A serious traveller is sometimes referred as a good traveller, meaning that this traveller has everything needed to be a traveller that can just go anywhere he or she wants and survive in any kinds of places he or she visits.

Everybody can be a traveller. But, to be a good traveller, there are certain things that needed to be accomplished. What do you need to be called as a “good traveller”? Here are several things that distinguish travelling as a hobby and travelling as a serious thing in life.

Skills to Own to be A Good Traveller

Ability to Read Maps

In the advancement of technology, maps may have submerged into many highly technological devices like smartphones or GPS. However, the ability to read maps means that you can understand where your position is on this surface of theearth, and how do you navigate to reach the destination you want.

Good Packing Strategy

Good travellers know how to bring many important things just in less space and—of course—fewer weights. The most important thing is more about what things are important and what things are not that important. Some travellers buy anexpensive or creative suite of bags that can change many, many kinds of stuff packed in such a compact and light bag. However, as a good traveller, it is your duty to decide what to bring and what not to bring for your travelling trip—not depending on what kinds of bag you have.

An Easy Stomach

In a difficult situation, you know you can not have a good meal and beverages just the way you do at your home. Many challenging travelling destinations need certain kinds of patience so that you can just eat any kinds of foods without feeling bored. You have to train your stomach for this kind of situation. Of course, you want to have good meals all the time, but in case you can not prepare foods as tasty and pleasurable as you usually do, you need to resist with any kinds of foods to eat.

Second (or Third) Language

Do you think you are enough of just the ability to speak and listening in English? No, it is surely not. Many good travellers master two, three, or even multiple languages so they can easily blend with local people. Some travellers even understand simple Chinese language, or French, or Spanish. Try to focus on languages that have many speakers around the world.


In the end, you have to have the ability to remain calm in any kinds of situations. There is no good in hassle. Keep everything under control. However unexpected things are turning out, good travellers know how to bring out the best behaviour to overcome those things. Therefore, you need to train your mental ability to perceive any kinds of dangers around you so you will be kept safe when travelling.