Often we here that holiday gift or holiday bonanza are being offered by different companies which provide product marketing. But gifts can also be provided by company who provide services. People now crave to same time and for that they are ready to spend anything. So it makes sense to offer some gifts. If you really made up your mind to offer something then think of something that is tangible so that the receiver can also get its benefit.

Below are some suggestions:

Make Service As A Fun Product

For a chartered accountant the promotional words can be “New Year, New Start”. For a removal service provider the words may come up like “Let’s move to another place”. All these offers may come up with as packages offered. The best way to come up with is to have a brainstorming session and offer something that has a gift-worthy package of your own. But at first you should be cleared with the service that you are providing and the service offered fits into people’s lives.

Make Your Service As A Gift For A Holiday

Make Real Gift Baskets

You can combine the service along with certain tools of the trade or accessories to make it more fun. A lawn-cleaning service provider can gift a product that can increase the beauty of a lawn (A plant perhaps). A removal service provider can gift solid quality cartons to pack for. An accountant can gift a couple of budgeting envelope or an RFID blocking wallet together. There you can include an extra-special gift certificate. By receiving these types of tangible gifts the customers will be delighted. All that is wanted is to promote the service with some fun filled activities so that it can make the service more interesting.

Provide A Special Gift Certificate

Make your gift certificate attractive where by a headline is to be included where a clear mention would be there about the service provided, amount and the name of the service provider. You can also add some marketing text if you wish. Remember that this certificate will act as a platform of promotion of the service provided by you. At first the customers will not be aware about your service. Explain it and describe how the customers will be benefitted. Make it wonderful to receive. For remote customers you can create special certificates that they can print out on their own. After creating a retail product of your own for the holiday season you can start campaigning of your service marketing. You can also build rapport with the retailers and place the gift baskets or gift certificates in displays. You can also send mails or share it in Facebook pages with your existing customers to promote your service.

If you already have a well-established business, then you must look forward to build a brand of your own. Be it a service marketing or product marketing. When you are thinking to build a brand of your own you should think to build up a nice story behind it. Brand story telling works well when the story being told keeps a good track with original life experience. If the story is built upon this format then it can invite us in and creates a platform when people start to incorporate it with practical life. We should always build up a story that tells us something about the scene. We ought to know the purpose of the brand that should be compatible with the choices provided. If we resemble us with our self with the screen name, then only a platform of credibility is created among the viewers and an effective marketing starts from there.

Author: Author Alice Aires talks about the different offers that can be thought upon to be provided by the Removal Companies to their customers in order to make their existence in the market. Later, the different brand stories that can be cooked up to build a strong brand image have been discussed in this article.