Hello there, my fellow fashion lovers! Winter is here and once again, our styling skills will be put to the test. After all, we have no choice but to dress up in thick, unflattering and boring clothes, right? We know that those coats and sweaters are designed to keep us warm but we can’t help but feel that they make us look like a giant ball of fabric.

Well, we are here to put an end to boring winter outfits, and we want to open your eyes to the possibility that you can create comfortable, fashionable and cute outfits that are still perfect for the season. Wondering what to wear in winter? Here are some fantastic ideas:

1. Put Your Bomber Jacket Into Action

There are plenty of jacket styles out there but almost all of them look so massive and it may seem like you will be all bundled up in fabric when you put them on. Lucky for us, someone has the sense of style to design an equally functional but incredibly stylish jacket—the bomber jacket!

If you love all things edgy, you can pair your bomber jacket with a pair of skinny leather pants, black tank top, a pair of high ankle boots and of course, do not forget to accessorize with spiky and studded bracelets. On the other hand, you can tame the edginess of the bomber jacket by pairing it with feminine pieces like skater skirts, leggings and a lace top.

2. Don a Blouse Sweater Dress

When you think about it, nothing will ever come close to the convenience of wearing a sweater blouse that is long enough to be a sweater. After all, you just have to put them on and you will instantly look chic and feel warmer.

But sometimes, a blouse sweater dress can make you look like a Plain Jane. You can prevent that from happening by wearing a collared top and leggings underneath the dress. Finish the preppy look with a knitted bonnet and high ankle boots.

3. Add Some Pizzaz To Your Outfit With a Pair Of Printed Leggings

What to wear in winter? Leggings, of course! However, they can get a bit boring. Lucky for you, this clothing now comes in different designs, textures, and colors. So instead of settling for a plain colored one, opt for a printed one instead.

Grab your trusty pair of over-sized sweater and wear a pair of printed leggings underneath it. For a pop of color, you can wrap a scarf around your neck in the color the same shade as your leggings. Finish off the outfit with a chunky pair of boots.

4. Look Polished With a Tailored Jacket

There is no better way to look more put together than wearing a structured piece of clothing. But if you wish to take your outfit to a whole new level, you may want to cinch your tailored jacket with a belt for a more flattering look.

The A-Line shape of a tailored jacket will work best with the curves of a bell-bottom. Opt for a pair of pointed shoes and you are good to go!

5. Bring Some Sunshine Wherever You Go With a Neon Colored Coat

The weather is already too gloomy so wearing all black outfit can make the weather look sadder. Stand out in the crowd with a gorgeous neon-colored coat that can brighten anyone’s day.

But of course, you should avoid wearing too many colors in one outfit. Pair your neon colored coat with black bottoms so that its color will really stand out.

6. Make a Statement With a Hat

Do not lose your sense of fashion during the winter season. The best way to show off your personal style is to accessorize. A hat is a stylish accessory that is functional at the same time!

Look cute and romantic with a fitted coat and fuzzy cute hat in feminine color.

7. Look Sexy And Classy With Thigh High Socks

If you are feeling a bit sassy during the cold season, we suggest that you bring out the high socks! But please bear in mind that this would only be acceptable for those days when the temperature is not that low.

Don your favorite mini dress and wear your thigh high socks under an equally high pair of boots.

Your winter outfits do not have to look so boring! With the fashion ideas mentioned above, you can inject your personal style in your winter outfits and you can make the snow-covered streets your runway!